Friday, July 23, 2010

I was going to be a really great mom, but then I had kids

Remember when you got pregnant with your first little love muffin child and your mind (and heart) were full of the perfect way to raise them?

How to wash their clothes, disinfect their toys, the best way to feed them----you know, fresh nutritious meals and snacks packed with vitamins and minerals.  You were going to be the best mom ever. (and when I typed ever I said evah)

And if you never progressed past one child- then you may have just held on to some of those guidelines.  But somewhere between two and three kids, most of mine flew out the window.  So instead of declaring 'no soda, no exceptions' and progressing to 'no soda except on special occassions'.....we are now limited to one soda a day..............and it's fine with me if you drink it with breakfast.  Whatevah.  Candy- you can have it as long as you throw the wrappers away.  Dinner- I made it, you eat it.  You don't eat it you might be hungry but I am no longer going to try and wrangle you into eating 1-2 bites of anything.  Here's your plate- eat. don't eat. Eh.  Oh- and while on the topics of food- hot dogs technically do count as a meal now, but when pregnant I just KNEW I would never feed that to my child.

A few rules stick- look both ways before crossing the street, use good manners, love God.  Um, I'm thinking, thinking, thinking..............................yeah that might be it. 

I just don't have the strength, time or attention span to officially enforce much else.  And really, I'm on the fence about the good manners part- that takes a lot of energy to teach.

I'm off to make lunch.  I'm thinking oatmeal and a beer- but we'll see.

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Ronda said...

I think you get points for the oatmeal.