Monday, July 5, 2010

There's a bench in South Haven

When my dad died, we sponsored a bench in South Haven in my dad's memory.  And every year when we go there, it is comforting to find his bench.  Sometimes it moves (they pull them in during the winter) but for the past 3 or 4 years, it has been here, in the same spot.
No matter where it is, it always seems that it is in the perfect location.  A spot that my dad would have been found sitting himself.  I thank God for that.  It is comforting.  This is the view from his bench.  Gorgeous.  It looks right down the harbour where all the boats come in and out.

And if your turn to the left, this was the view on this particular day.  The kids brought bread to feed the ducks and the seagulls.  Seagulls are demanding little creatures- just sayin.
It seems unreal that he has been gone for 9 years.  My first picture with this bench- Allyson was a year old.  And now look at us.
I would rather have my dad here with us.  But since he isn't, I like that there is a bench in his favorite place on the earth with his name on it.


Sharon said...

I too like that bench being there, Mynde and am so grateful to you and Dan for doing that for him. And you're right about the view -- he would've loved sitting there and probably does.

Had no idea what a tradition it would start...the annual search for The Bench and the happiness in finding it. Strangely enough, everyone I have sent to that little town also searches out The Bench and most have found it and passed along pics of it to me.

Tell you what -- when it is time, and if it's not too much trouble, will you see if they'll add my name to the bench too? I think your Dad would enjoy having his Mrs. L there with him:)

Love you...Mom

Sharon said...

Second thoughts about my name on that bench......have Sam whip out his boy scout pocket knife (which I'm sure he'll have a knife of some kind by then) and carve my name on one of those benches outside one of the antique shops there on main street!!! PERFECT!!!