Saturday, April 3, 2010

We're Home!

After 5 days, 1000 miles and way more public restrooms than I care to acknowledge- we rolled back into our crib in the weeeee hours of the morning Friday.

It was a great time, more to come later. Right now my focus is on preparations for Easter. I personally am looking forward to a wonderful celebration of our risen Lord. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the bunny.

I'd also be lying if I said vacation was easy or that I am refreshed. As the momma of this fine crew of folks, vacation is not exactly easy. And I've got the two trash bags full of dirty laundry to prove it. That and the fact that my vacation ends with 8am dentist appointments for all 3, a downtown eye doctor appointment for emi, and the start of our wonderful softball season this week. Couple that with the fact that Dan is working nights this week and I am just filled with that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling. You know- the one that you get right before you pass out.

Would it be wrong to leave a note asking for my eggs to be filled with tequila shots?


mary said...

Yay!!! Mynde's home!!! I've missed reading your blog while you were on vacation- I totally get what you mean about coming home exhausted. It seems like you are so stressed out by the time you get ready to go on vacation that you never quite catch up.
No, its not wrong to wish for tequila in your Easter basket- I'm sure the bunny has a liquor liscense.

Mynde said...

Mary you are killing me! Why on earth you find my mindless dribble at all worth reading is nothing short of- well- flattering actually : ) I'm just glad you didn't run screaming looking for a new church with normal people.

And no dice on the tequilla. Just chocolate eggs. Bummer.