Friday, April 16, 2010

Hooked on Emily

Big things are happening in this little girls world.


She has learned that when you put letters together, they become words.  And she is spending ALL of her spare time learning to read and write them.  It won't be long before she'll be starting her own blog.  I'm just guessing.

I have no idea how teachers do this.............but I am grateful they do.  Because there is no way on earth I could try and explain or teach something like this to someone as little as Emily and her gang.

(irritates- in case you were wondering)

She got to write a sentence about anything.  Anything at all.  Just had to describe how something made her feel.  Happy, sad, excited, confused.  Poor Emi with that irritating brother Sam.

In other exciting Kindergarten news- there is a wedding coming up.

I sent in some cash for the wedding cake.

Hope for good weather for good old Mr. and Mrs. Qu.

I better go wake the sleeping chitlins.  Today is Allyson's Pioneer Day (which in turn has nothing to do with the pioneer woman and all that fabulous butter she uses in her recipes) and Emily has a field trip.  Big day for these little people!


mary said...

i'm curious- who are Q & U? hamsters? guinea piggies? rats? do they HAVE to get married?

Ronda said...

I don't remember Q & U getting married when we were little. They were just friends that liked to stick together. This sounds like a ploy for free cake.