Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And then the world laughed....in my face....and flipped me the bird!

I kid you not- within 3 hours of 'publishing' my last post about how hunky doree this week was going to be- Dan's work called and switched him to the evening/night shift. indefinantly.

How rude.

So now- he has to be at work at 6pm (which means leave for work at 4:45) and gets home at 3:30am (which means sleeps until noon each day).

My world...............totally going to suck this week. And apparently indefinantly.

That brown acronym company just took a big giant dump on my head, people. A big giant brown dump.

Last night, I was trying to keep it together. I was thankful that Dan has a job. A great high paying job that serves us very very well. And I'm grateful that he enjoys doing it. And I like the health insurance. Lets see, what else? That's about it I suppose- good company, good husband, good benefits. Thank you God for providing for us through this job. And thank you God for switching Dan back to his regular shift really quickly? I'm all about that 'your will, not mine, be done' but surely you didn't mean to move Dan to this really crappy shift and wreck my world, right God? Probably just a miscommunication. I'll hang in there until you get the wrinkles ironed out.

I can totally do this. I can. It will be awesome. It will be like I'm a bachelor.............with three kids, one dog, two guinea pigs, a fish and a minivan. A real live bachelor almost. Party on Wayne!

Uh, who am I kidding. I'm more like a single mom now. But without the perks. You know, the perks like getting every other weekend totally to myself and not having to wash stinky man laundry. I'm a married single mom with great health insurance and poop in my hair.


Ronda said...

I'm going to point out the things that could be worse. Bear with me.
*Could be winter, and you could be snowbound
*Could be full-on summer and the arguing could be in full swing.
*Could be June -- airshow time
*Could be the first week in July.
*Could be that you're not fully capable (which you are).

Love you, darlin'. You can do this, you just have to move out of "survival mode". The kids can smell it just as well as they can smell fear. That's when they silently plot against you.

Mynde said...

Nah- I'm just going to hang out here in self pity land for a little bit more : ) And then I'm going to do some online shopping (because there is no way I can take 3 kids to the store to try on swim suits).