Monday, April 5, 2010

He suffered and died for me- and you..........

You can't really see it- but on that egg, hand decorated by Miss Emily herself, there is a cross and a heart. Because she loves Jesus, and He loves her. That is easter people.

And in that plastic carrot egg- jelly beans- that is easter too.And here are my three children. Not the best children, not the prettiest children, not the smartest children- but my children. And to me they are all of those things and so much more. Just as we are to the Lord I suppose.

And on that small blonde ones feet- his 'funeral shoes'. Only a month old I might add. They now serve as a constant reminder to me to ALWAYS look at that childs feet when he heads outside to play. 'Wake up bub- the easter bunny came!'
Beautiful brightly colored easter eggs. And a matching brightly colored kitchen counter. And a weeks menu involving egg salad, deviled eggs, egg gravy, and boiled eggs and more boiled eggs. 30 hardboiled eggs to be egggggsact.A very special treat found on one of Sam's eggs.And a lesson in how to eat a Cutie by Sam's idol- his cousin Joseph. To Sam- this child hung the moon and he would follow him to the end and back. He loves him. So much so that he actually ate that Cutie- even though he HATES oranges.
In case you're keeping 'mom' score- here is the weekend total:
Strike 1- Aunt Kim asks Emily if she received any surprises that morning for Easter- Emily looks her straight in the eye and with a very sad face shakes her head no. (She did in fact receive a basket full of goodies that morning from that dag gone bunny.)
Strike 2- Joseph has to 'teach' Sam about a fairly common piece of fruit- what it is, how to peel it, what it is called, and how to eat it- I couldn't even pretend, the kid had never seen one before.
But then- in came Emily and Joseph, obviously in the midst of a really intense conversation. Joseph says to his mom "Mom- did Jesus suffer and die on the cross?" They both stood at her feet anxiously awaiting her answer. Whoo Hoo! Score one for me! Finally- knock it out of the park Miss Emily! We know this. We've learned this- obviously- see photo #1. We just read a book confirming all of this the night before. A chance to redeem my mothering skills. Here it comes...........wait for it................
"Yes" responds my sister in law.
I kid you not- Joseph looks at Emily and says "See". Emily looks at me with the most bewildered look yet.
Uhg. Strike 3.
Apparently she was confused by the suffering part- by my husbands family now thinks that my children have never heard any stories of Jesus and his sacrifice at Easter.
Great. Just great.

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Ronda said...

Well, she doesn't listen to me either, if it makes you feel better! We talked about how much it must have hurt to hang on that cross during Sunday school. However, I guess I made the mistake of saying that because Jesus did that for us, we get to go to heaven. Then my child said, "Like Sandy" (my parents' dog), then Cissy came up with a dog that ran away, and Emmy talked about how much she missed Daisy.

So...we got a little sidetracked, I guess.

No worries, though...she'll still have two more years in my class. I may get through to her yet! :)