Monday, April 12, 2010

Reasons why this week isn't going to suck

Dan is working his regular shift this week- so although he can't help with the Saturday mayhem which includes the kids sale at church and me (potentially) with 3 kids in tow all day- he will be able to assist with the madness that starts in our schedules around 4:30 every.single.evening this week.

I kid you not- I just got an email adding in TWO more softball practices this week- one tonight and one Thursday night. That's in addition to the ones on Tues, Wed and Friday. Home run dude- we managed to hit one every night. That's in addition to all the 'other' stuff. Like art club, allyson's choir gig, 4-H meetings, pioneer day- throw in another field trip and whammo- you have a margharita!

Tonight I have an air show meeting- which means Dan is flying solo. Ally to practice at 6, emily to girlscouts at 6:30, back to the ball park to pick up ally at 7:30 and then hustle back to the airport to get emily at 7:30 too. I hope he doesn't loose one of our kids, I'm kind of partial to them.

Every night is kind of like that. I'm not kidding. That is why I am just glad that Dan is able to participate this week. Divide and conquer.

As a solution for the future. I'm teaching Allyson to drive. She's like 5 foot tall and kind of responsible, she can swing it. Anyone have a cheap little car for sale? She's going to have to pitch in on some of this running on nights Dan is unavailable.

And about the kid stuff sale (this saturday 9am-noon at church- come shop please-let me know if you want me to email you directions to our church) this weekend. I have basically mountains to climb to get ready for it. But that's okay, because I feel like I'm up for it. Not only do I have to finish getting the details of the plans for the sale done and plan out the booths- I have to personally gather all my stuff to sell for it. Which at this point I might just box up everything in the kids rooms and start fresh. There is so much chaos going on back there that it takes all my strength just to wade through it to kiss them goodnight. So not kidding. If I didn't have to price it all- it might be an option. But because I'm lazy and overcommitted and tired- the kids stuff is safe for yet another week.

In other news- I have been trying to be more active with the kids. I tried to start this back when we still had snow- hence the whole sledding thing. Now that it's getting prettier, we have more time to walk and such. I'm not going crazy- God knows we don't even have time to commit like a whole 20 minutes to exercise or anything outrageous like that- but just a little more here and there.

The dog is complaining- as I usually drag him along with me. I think it hurts his hips. Yeah- I hear ya Lew. However, walking 10 feet and then allowing the dog to rest for a few minutes before walking another 10 feet is probably not good exercise for me. I'm just guessing.

Last night I took the kids to the open swim night at the high school. Sunday nights for two hours you can swim for $1. Dan had his mens thing- so yes I took all 3 kids alone. To a pool that starts at 4foot 9inches. And no one drown. Yeah me. What I did learn though is that a lot of the kids friends (and parents) were there- and I was less than comfortable seeing them seeing me in my swimsuit. But being in the actual pool with my two small guys was probably safer than sitting on the bleachers and reading- so I bit it and got in.

I'm also trying to eat healthier. Nothing too far out there- just small better choices. Like putting tomato on my cheese quesadilla before slathering it in sour cream. And eating a bit more salad- even if I still use full regular wonderful salad dressing. Why- even just last night- I had a sweet tooth. Instead of ripping the head off of one of my children's chocolate bunnies- I showed will power. I instead chose a handful of small chocolate eggs with crispies. RICE crispies. See. It just takes a little bit of better decisions like this and soon the results will be undeniable.

I'm still waiting on those results by the way.

So to wrap up this train wreck of a post that has really no focus or story at all- I don't know why this week isn't going to suck, but it can't suck as bad as last week so that is something to look forward to. Hope yours doesn't suck either.

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mary said...

good idea teaching allyson to drive- kudos to you for your resourcefulness! also- you get a prize for taking the kids to the pool- if it were me, when i saw people there that i knew, i would have faked diarrhea & told the kids it was TIME to GO!!!!
i think your week is off to a smashing start!!!!