Friday, April 30, 2010

Miss Emily Sue

I think that if I were introducing my emily to someone, these are the pictures I would use.  She is gentle (unless preterbed and then she can be a little fire ball), patient, independent and puts every little ounce of her being into everything she does.

And this is a very big week for her.  Not only is today the big Q & U wedding (the letters Mary- get it, q and u are always together so they are getting hitched?) but it is also her big day in the readers chair.

Don't even think she has not taken this VERY seriously.
Everyone in this house has heard her read this book- more than once.
In fact, anyone who would sit still has heard her read this book- including the frog that is in that box.

And I am positive she will knock it out of the park.  And you better believe that every single one of her classmates better be paying full attention and look at every single picture.
Or Emily will get onto you- I speak from experience.


Mary said...

good job emily!! that is a great quality to have- that stick-to-it-ness. we don't have that around these parts!
plus i'm so excited to be given a shout-out in your blog- i'm a celeb now!
i think mr frog should go to school for the book reading- i bet she'd be the only student to bring her own fan club!

Ronda said...

I hope you took a picture of Miss Emily yesterday. She looked all fancy and I suppose wedding guests should look.