Sunday, April 11, 2010

The first last Sunday after Easter..................

It has been the norm for our family for the past several years that the first Sunday after Easter we attend the kids preschool church. That is always the Sunday that the kids sing during their worship service.

I am on my last baby. Therefore, there will only be one more Sunday after Easter that we burn up the road to fly into that church to watch one of our children 'perform'.

Unless Sam flunks preschool. Which I'm not sure is possible.
Anywho- up to the front of the sanctuary they went. And the music started.And the kids began doing their 'moves' and singing their songs- except for Sam and that boy in the bottom right- for them it was a slow start.

But slowly- Sam kicked it into gear and started showing us about God's power and glory (just for the record- the bottom right corner boy never did move from his original position- in case you were wondering).
And I felt the warm tears filling my eyes and running down my cheeks- because up there on that step is the last of my babies- and he is in fact a biggie boy now. I then I noticed him longingly staring that that beautiful young woman...............for like ever.............and I wanted to jump up on my pew and snap my fingers while screaming what was in my heart "hey, hey, focus boy, get your eyes off that hussy- look at your momma".He must have heard my silent screams- for he then regrouped and finished his performance. And that gold digging cradle robber kept her womanly wiles at bay through the rest of the performance.And then it was over- and he went to watch a movie and color pictures. And the first last time we get to watch one of our preschool children perform with their class was over.And I was a proud momma.

As I type this, I can hear my children outside playing and I am thankful for Spring. But not thankful that I have to work this afternoon. Ick.


Ronda said...

What a beautiful stained glass window, and a really poorly placed screen.

Sam looks happy!

Mynde said...

NO JOKE! I thought the same thing the first time we were in their sanctuary after they 'contemporaryfied' themselves. They put that screen to project the hymns and sermons onto- on top of that huge window. That's all i could think of when our pastor was talking about screens in our sanctuary!