Friday, April 23, 2010

I am woman- hear me roar.........................or completely loose it- whatever

So for whatever strange reason we had NOTHING on the old calendar yesterday.

No t-ball, softball, rehearsal, lesson, no nothing.  It was A to the WESOME!

We completely stayed home last night.  As the kids were playing outside, I decided it was the perfect time to mow the grass.  If you saw the picture last week, you can imagine how it looked now once that sea of yellow dandelions had transformed into white 'blowies'.


So I run my bad self out to the barn to get out the old lawn mower.  Done it before, no biggie.  For fear of tipping in over on top of myself, I am not willing to start it and drive it out of the barn.  So I always just pull it down the ramp into the yard.  I'm like freakin' sheera man.

Only last night, the dag gone thing was like locked or something.  The wheels would.not.turn.  After cussing around with the stupid thing for a while I decide to go pester my neighbor and see if they would be willing to help me get it out.  I'm way to stubborn to abort this mowing mission.

So I run next door and as the words exit my mouth to my 19 year old neighbor boy, I could hear the shakiness in my voice.  Before I completed my entire sentence to him, I kid you not, I was sobbing.  It wasn't my plan.  Nor my intention.  But it just happened.

He looked like he had been struck by lightening.  Terrified.  And his momma, my good friend and neighbor, just stood there staring at me like I was the freak of the week.

As I wiped tears and apologized profusely all the while trying to answer my interupting children and continue to explain my plea for help- she began to smile the sweetest smile, almost like she knew.

Regardless, my breakdown must have worked because Ryan hightailed it to my barn and within seconds he had successfully backed the tractor out without rolling it over onto himself and I was ready for action.

See- I mow alone.  A L O N E.  I am a one man band.  Daddy is the one who is willing to pack around children to help him steer.  Not me.  Scares me.  Also creaps into my 'me' thinkin' time.  But since I was trying to do this mowing thing while supervising the children too- I gave in and let Sam aboard.

It was a pretty evening- my neighbors all seemed to be out on their front porches.  Lucky me.

Sam and I tear off into the yard and instantly it is like a tornado of blowies.  It looked like it was snowing.  I kid not.  We were batting them off of our faces and choking to death on them- all the while trying to continue mowing down our forest of weeds.

That's when the mower started sputtering, just as we drove down off the curb into the court.  And there, right in the middle of the street- with all the neighbors watching our dag gone traveling circus- the mower ran out of gas.

With my mad skilz, I was able to refuel and whip out the rest of the yard while only inhaling a small portion of white seedlings and in just under an hour and a half our yard was mowed (and the plastic sand shovel was blown to bits- how many times can one possibly tell the children to put their toys back in the sandbox!)

And just think about all of the planting we were able accomplish- just imagine all of the beautiful yellow flowers we shared with the neighborhood once those 30,000 little puppies became airborn!

I would not be the least bit surprised if one of our neighbors puts our house up for sale. 

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