Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No obvious differences...........

I love to mow the grass.

Not really the mowing part, but having a reason to abandon this house full of noisy fighting children who talk all.the.time and just go have some me time is what I love. Because I obviously can not pour a glass of chocolate milk, listen to your story, button your pants or google answers to homework while I am outside riding an increadible noisy lawnmower.

And since said mower doesn't require a bunch of mental energy (except the occassional 'oh crap- what was that I just ran over, a tennis ball or sand box shovel') I can steal away and hour or two for myself to, you know, think.

As a mother of small children who is with them 24/7, thoughts are something that rarely get a chance to be encouraged in my brain. It's the reason I do lots of things that make absolutely no sense and can not hold a reasonable adult conversation at all anymore. Because I don't get to think.

Except in the summer.
Not that I'm a better conversationalist then or anything. I basically spend all my time talking to adults wondering why my children are being so quiet and not interupting us 300 times- or telling them not to interupt me 300 times while talking to another adult.
Anyway. Back to my mowing.

One thing that always bothers me- other than trying to figure out how to tell Dan what I hit this time with the mower- is knowing where our yard stops and the neighbors starts.
When I was a kid, we had this concrete tower thing (like 4 inches tall) at the corner of the property so I knew exactly where to stop mowing. We don't have that at our house.
Basically I have to just guess as to when to stop mowing since there is obviously no other indicator as to whose yard is whose. It's a complete toss up. (smile)
P.S. Emily thinks it's sad that we get all the pretty yellow flowers in our yard and none of our neighbors do. Yeah- I bet they are pretty jealous.

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Ronda said...

I don't looks like the sprayer turned around there a bit in the corner of your yard. You could probably charge them for that somehow.