Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All things Goble

I have like 327 pictures from vacation, and I really do want to share them. I really do. But see something is wrong with blogger and it takes like 20 minutes to upload each set of 5 and I just don't have it in me today to do that. So still no vacation stuff today- you are welcome. Probably you are hoping I just skip the whole vacation summary thing- but you are out of luck because I will do it...........just not today.

See- today it is 9:30 and I'm still in my jammies and I still need a shower. Emily is still in bed. The grocery is calling. No really. They called and said the fridge is empty sans 3 dozen hardboiled eggs and a pound of cooked pasta and then they said I need to come there and buy some more stuff.

About the grocery- we live in a world where you can download crap from the internet onto your phone and have pictures miraculously taken from your camera the minute you walk through the front door. Not to mention open your garage door with the push of a button. What is up with this grocery thing? It seems so archaic.

Go to store. Physcially run up and down 13 isles, individually touching each item you require and placing it in your basket. Go to check out. Physcially remove each item in your basket. Individually scan each item. Touch each item again to bag it. Put bags in cart. Bags in car. Bags in kitchen. Individually put each item away. What? There are people who have toilet trained their cats for crying out loud.............there has got to be a better way.

I think Schwanns has missed the boat. If they could include delivering laundry soap, gallons of milk and Captain Crunch cereal- I would total jump on their bandwagon.

What if, and this is just me thinking outloud (or in typing, or whatever) here, you take all of the cashiers that we no longer pay because I have to scan my own crap, and all the baggers that apparently they don't pay anymore because I again am bagging my own crap, and we have them be 'pickers'. Work with me here. They post their entire groceries inventory, with pretty pictures, on an easy to use website. I run down the list and click on all the stuff I require and tell them what time I'll swing by. I pull up- they open my hatch, load me up, scan my card and off I go. Then I only touch the groceries twice- once to carry them in and once to put them away. Or better yet- maybe for like $10 they deliver it. Heck- Papa John's could come in here- I call order a pizza and let them know about my order and they pick it up on the way. I'm still working out the details, but I think it will work.

With the exception that I am completely cheap and would probably still want to pick my own groceries so that I can look for sales and mark downs and use coupons and all that crazy stuff.

Nah. It would totally be worth it.

Or what if my fridge and cabinets had some kind of electronic computer thing that would automatically 'download' on a certain day to the grocery to let them know what I am running low on. They they just automatically have it bagged up and ready for me when I get there. This would only require my family putting the items in the right spots so that the scan tags would line up. Which means it would be more likely that I grow our own food and butcher our own animals. Yeah- this idea would NEVER work.

So- moving on. In an effort to entertain Sam so that I could blog about completely riveting topics, I have hooked him up with the vacume and I'm letting him suck up the ants in the living room with the hose. It's like a two for one. He's even pulled out the sofa and is looking for ants back there. Lucky for him someone put some jelly beans under there so he's struck it big. Learn from me people, this is just good parenting.

This week launches the beginning of the softball marathon we paid to be a part of. Two practices a week, time 3 kids, multiplied by dinner, husband working nights, work and piano lesson, divided by two children's practices as the exact same time at different ends of the city equals a mom who totally gets how people end up addicted to prescription drugs. I'm just sayin.

I'm outta here. Have a super wonderful day.


Ronda said...

I've heard rumors of this grocery service actually existing. I think even Marsh had it before they sold out to the Floridians.

Did you know in Bloomington, there was a store that would deliver ice cream -- blizzard-like treats, banana splits, an ice cream cone. THAT is what we need in this world.

Sharon said...

Ronda, you are right -- Krogers (over there by Washington Square) used to offer this. You ordered off their form and they would have your order bagged and ready to put into your car for you (on the West end of that store). Also, Marsh offered a delivery service to your door and Mynde, Grandma Larsen used it for a few years til they discontinued it (not cost effective they said). But it WAS nice for she could order all the heavy stuff she couldn't manage and have it delivered -- 12 and 24 packs of sodas, potatoes large bottles of detergent etc. Especially nice for those who don't have a car and depend on the bus to get around. Money to be made here (you're right about that Mynde) -- I think if one had the basics and staples, produce, the heavy things like the sodas, potatoes etc. and it were worked right would be a super industry.

Remember Mynde when you kids laughed at me because I said 'someday there would be no electrical wires, phone wires etc and everything would work from radio waves in the air?' ...WELLLLLLL maybe SOMEDAY groceries as we know it will not be there????

I also wanted to thank you Mynde for being such a good, loving Mom to my Grandchildren (who ARE by the way, SPECIAL LITTLE PEOPLE:) --------------- being human, we sometimes so take for granted Family. Just wanted you to know I love the job you are doing and honey, there will be 'many stars in your Crown':)

Love ya.......Mom