Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yeah- I made that...........

I have some mad crocheting skilz.......... Check out this hat that I made.

I had this idea to stitch in little speakers so that it could be plugged into an ipod or mp3 player. What an ingenious idea, if I do say so myself.

And would you look at that beautiful patch that I hand embroidered to put on it.

Wow, this is actually nice enought to, well, I don't know, be a professionally made hat for one of the beer companies that they could give away to their customers and clients.

Can you believe I just completely wasted your time and mine spinning this tale about me and actual talent? Beats doing the mountain of laundry that I should be focused on, what can I say?

Let me know if want me to whip you something up.

1 comment:

Ronda said...

Um...where did you get a beer hat? I know you didn't drink it.

And where do I get one before Saturday's walk?