Friday, March 26, 2010

hi ho........hi ho...............

It's hard to believe it has been three years now. Three years since I innocently uttered the words "Dan- I can go back to work and take the kids with me- it will be awesome".
For all intents and purposes- it is rather awesome. My schedule is uuuuber flexible and for the most part I can just work when I have time. Except this time of year that is. With the show coming up rather quickly- the list of items 'to do' is growing by the minute. But that is not the point here- the point is what happens when you take the kids to work with you.
I lack what it takes to take more than one at a time, except when I am the only one in the office. When it's just me- like in the evenings- I'll take whoever because the only person they can annoy with their fussing and screaming is, well, me. But during the day, I try and keep the chaos to just one kid.
Emily is a walk in the park. She is content to set up shop on an empty computer and play her Webkinz, or grabs a clipboard and draws. Occassionally she gets to shred some papers. She is a happy girl.
It's Sam that creates a bit more confusion with his presence.
I find myself saying things like..................
'Watch your step'........................... (although watching the gals in the office hurdle the coffee table is rather amusing)
'I'd offer you a chair but'......................
and 'turn that down'.
I say I'm sorry a lot. But the gals I work with don't really seem to mind. At least they say they don't.
But again- they have doors to their offices and they just shut them. Me, well I have to hold my hand over the receiver of the phone while trying and sign 'BE QUIET MOMMY IS ON THE PHONE' to my small blonde wonder.
And sometimes, I must admit, I loose my cool. Like when he is sitting on my desk, on top of a report that I'm trying to work on, begging me to help him build a fort. Or when he spills his root beer- again (emily spilled a drink on my desk once- disaster!). Or when he is climing up the back of my chair and using my hair as a handle so that he can play with the dangly airplanes above my head. Somedays I would just like to focus like on actual work instead of who just flushed what down the toilet. But for the most part it is all good.
This works until we start to have actual people in the office. Then Sam will get to spend some time with Grandma so I can actually go to work and not have to mess with the sofa cushions.
Just like everything else, I'm sure someday going to work by myself will feel lonely. But today I can't see that.

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