Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleeping around.............

Yeah, I get around.

Luckily, I am married to an understanding and loving man who doesn't mind this multiple bed partner business.

Nearly every night this little man begs for my company in the sack. Right after our book, he always asks if I will sleep with him. On most nights I say no- kiss him say his prayers and leave him all alone. But there is the occassional night that I say yes- and we lay and talk and wait for the sleep monster to get the best of him.
(Disclaimer- no Sam does NOT have a sunflowered quilt on his bed- that is just HIS blankie- the ONE that he HAS to have at bedtime. I don't know how that happened, but it did. And there is no changing it now. Uhg.)

Back on track..........Last night was one of those nights.

I curled up in bed with Sam and he began to chat with me. He told me that he loves me. And asked who he would marry when he grows up. I responded that I didn't know yet (but I did close my eyes and silently pray for this young child- wherever she is- that she may grow strong in the Lord before uniting with my son)(She will need to be strong). He said he wasn't going to get married, because he is in love with me. That is perfectly fine with me. And then he said he wasn't going to kiss anyone else either. Again, perfect. Because if he kisses someone else, he won't love me anymore. And then he kissed me goodnight. Lord, thank you for this child and the special love that is shared between a mother and her son. And keep those icky love steeling hussies away from my sweet young man.

Typically, once Sam becomes quiet and it is obvious that he is asleep, I will slip out of his room. Last night, I let the sleep monster get me too.

Dan woke me up as he went to bed and asked if I wanted to come to bed. I don't remember what I responded, but I remember feeling so comfy and warm that I just wanted to stay where I was. And so I did.

But around midnight, I woke up and decided to join Dan in our bed.

And as I climbed under the covers, I realized that there were two other men in my bed..........

That's right- among other treasures hidden in my sheets (a whistle, a candy wrapper and new years eve noise maker)-Batman and Luke Skywalker were apparently wanting to sleep with me.

Obviously, I have no desire to receive an unwanted title from the other neighborhood moms nor do I want to become the talk of the town. So I thanked them for their interest, but showed them to their spot on the nightstand (where they will remain forever because no one every puts anything away around here!)

And then I went to sleep next to Dan- and Lew- with Luke Skywalker and Batman envying us from afar.

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Ronda said...

The boys used to say they would marry me -- until Maddie came along. Now they want to marry her and she wants to marry me. There's all sorts of confusion over here.