Friday, March 5, 2010

Waxy substance

As mentioned before, Allyson had to dress up as a famous hoosier for a wax museum at school. There were lots of really super famous hoosiers in attendance that night including Colonel Sanders, Orville Redenbacher and Peyton Manning. It was a red carpet event.

Allyson was Arija Bareikis.

Who in the sam doogie heck is that you ask?

Yeah, me too. Thank goodness for google.

She's an acress who grew up in Bloomington Indiana who apparently has scored some single appearance roles on some big TV shows but for the most part is still a no name who may or may not have prosthetic leg and is 'really old but still looks good' (according to allyson) at the ripe old age of 44. She has a dog, and a boyfriend and no children. There you have it. Arija Bareikis in a nutshell.

I wonder what she would think of this description of her? Nah- I probably know. It would be like if someone summed up my entire existence as "Basically a housewife who works part time doing officey crap-but can make a mean spreadsheet, knows her basic multiplication tables, born in Indiana-still lives in Indiana-will probably always live in Indiana, married with children, a dog named Lew, two guinea pigs and a goldfish". I can't really argue with it, it just sounds less than glamorous. I need an award or something. That would do it. If I could tack on 'recipient of the 2010 Hancock County Crocheting championship medal of honor' or something, that would totally turn my bio around. Perhaps if I just include that I eat a breakfast cereal that recieved an award. I have big goals.


At the wax museum, guests press the button on the famous wax persons hand,

And they 'come to life' and tell you about themselves,

And then they go back to being a wax statue.

This is Allyson's wax statue pose.

The morning of her debut, we spent a lot of time on her make up and hair- trying to make her look glamorous. We discussed jewelry, fashion and accessories. We curled. We blushed. We lipglossed. We hurried so we wouldn't miss the bus.

As I stopped her at the door (by the way- holy cow look at all that fabulous artwork on that door) to snap her picture, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.
And for whatever reason, I had a flashforward to these young women as adults.

Allyson will the the attention grabbing one- always showing and telling about something and anything. Emily will be the one anxiously listening to her sisters amazing stories (and loving every minute of it) in the back of the room snuggling her baby. Content just to listen, and to be, and to hold her baby.

Two amazing girls- two amazingly different personalites. Two totally different little people, who share a love like none other.

I know it's corny- but I felt the tears come to my eyes. Because someday, I hope to snuggle that Emily's baby- you know the one that doesn't shed all over my house.

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Ronda said...

Oh, I'm so glad we didn't do that when we were in school. Just looking at that picture of Emily listening to Ally made me bust into a fit of nervous giggles. I could have never done that.