Monday, March 15, 2010

We are the champions..................

Well it's official- basketball season is over. And we made it. Two practices a week, two games a week, two uniforms to find, wash and find again a week, $7 at the snackbar a week, but it is finally done.

Behind every single giggly child learning a sport is a mom. The one who gets the troops up early on a weekend day to head out to games, who plans ahead to make dinner early on practice nights and has a snack planned out when they get home before bed, who drives all over town to jump through hoops because she missed the deadline to apply, who packs a bag of 'entertainment' for the siblings not in said sport. I am this teams mom- and I am tired.

I'm tired of running myself ragged for children who don't care, of hearing complaints over a meal I didn't feel like making anyway, of arguing with my husband, of defending my children because I love them, of feeling the warm tears streak down my cheeks, tired of scrubbing up globs of toothpaste and of hanging up jackets. I am just tired. Somehow there are women who are fulfilled in their daily lives because they know they are serving the Lord when they serve their families. I can't find it today. I just can't.

Oh- I almost forgot- I am tired of thinking that I can go all 'betty crocker' and instead just turn out with cookies the size of dinner plates that look NOTHING like a megaphone.

I know I go through this off and on- I get all weepy and over extended. Today is my day I suppose. Sorry. I really did enjoy watching the kids in their basketball season- I hope that they liked it. Emily informed me today that I never asked her if she wanted to be a cheerleader- and she didn't. Figures.

I'm off to pout. 4 days until me and the girls from church head out for an overnight away from our families- dinner (in a real restaurant- with real plates), play tickets, sleeping in, hot breakfast.............BRING IT ON! I'm so mad and hurt by my family right now that I might just not come back. Not that they'd notice or anything, at least not for a while, like until the food and clean underwear ran out. Just sayin.


Ronda said...

Get that poutin' out of your system today my friend. We don't have time for it on Saturday!

Go outside and take a walk this afternoon - it's supposed to be gorgeous.

Dan said...

You will be missed while you are away and in our prayers. Enjoy this time with friends and unwind knowing we are missing u.