Monday, March 22, 2010

It's the least you can do........and apparently it could be a felony?

It's US Census time.

I know this because two months ago I began seeing ads telling us it was coming and to fill it out.

Then a month ago I got a letter letting me know that we'd be getting another letter and we need to fill it out.

Then I got the other letter- sure enough just like they said- the one with THE survey. It wanted to know who all was living in my house on April 1st. But it wasn't April 1st.

But I didn't want to go to jail because I set it aside until April 1st and forgot about it- like everything else in my life.

So I filled it out- in March. Probably everyone will still be living here, and I don't plan on taking in any bums- so I think it will work out.

And then I got a postcard today, reminding me to fill out the survey. And thanking me if I already did. But again- still not April 1st.

Happy US Census Year!

Wonder how much we are spending on all this Census stuff? We can facebook and tweet and answer emails at stop lights- but this has to be filled out on actual paper and mailed- as in with postage? Seems like there should be a better way. Maybe a barcode on our behinds that we just swipe across the scanner at Kroger or something?

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