Friday, March 19, 2010

People Watching 101

There simply is no better people watching than at a parade. I'm sure I've provided some amusement to other people as well.
I can only imagine.

Anywho- check out these socks. She probably thought no one would notice they were Christmas, because they are green. But I noticed- and I documented it.

And this poor girl. Here we all sat along Meridian Street in coats and hats and gloves and wrapped in blankies and here she is strutting around dang near nekkid. She had to have been FREEZING!

In the parade there were lots of newscasters, the Colts and Pacers mascots, the Kool Aide punch bowl, the CoCo Puff bird, but no parade would be complete without Billy the Kidney.

A real live, high fivin' internal organ. Genious marketing people.

So- in order to get the primo spots directly on the curb along Meridian Street on the parade route you must get up pretty early in the morning people. Not really, it just felt good to say that. But we did in fact arrive an hour before the parade began to secure a spot so the kiddies could see. The sun wasn't shining on us yet- so we basically just sat there as traffic whirled up and down the road, wrapped up in blankies and sipping starbucks cocoa. But it was worth it when the parade began.

Every year this happens. It cracks me up. Someone will tap on my shoulder and say 'I have a child and they can't see- can you make room for them up there'. It always makes me feel like I am being rude, by hogging up the front rowness. Until I realize we have hypothermia from securing said front rowness. But I never point that out, instead we make room. But some year, I will point it out. I will declare that they too should have dragged their hind ends out and camped on the street corner if they wanted their kid to see. No I won't. Probably.

Anyway- twice this happened. Once with Christmas sock woman. And then another time.

Let me introduce to you Trey. Cute little boy- despite his mother. He was little, like maybe threeish. From the minute this little man sat down beside us- his mother began screaming from behind us (while hanging and leaning on my stroller I might add) "Put your hand out Trey- Trey- Trey- put your hand out. There Trey, there, get it, get one, put your hand out. Get some candy Trey, Trey, Trey." This little kid was filled with amazement as he sat and watched the bands, the people, the vehicles- clearly he did not give a flying doodie about candy. But no- the coaching continued the.entire.parade. People were hurling candy at Trey, he was not picking it up (thankfully my children were willing to flock over there and scarf it up- we wouldn't want to litter the city- my kids are givers like that) he was busy watching the parade. His mother kept sighing and screaming. It got to the point that I was laughing so hard that I couldn't keep it in. Every time she would shout 'Trey' I would laugh- out loud. It was like a comedy routine or something. "Trey- Trey- Trey- get ready, put your hand out, Trey- go go go go go go go Trey go"

I kid you not, after all of this coaching, this poor kid jumped up and began running- full force- straight down Meridian Street. He had no idea where he was going, but in an effort to shut his mother up, he decided to go go go go.

I thought I was going to die. This is a picture of his mother after she ran him down and was walking him back. The kid was confused as heck, you could see it on his face. He had no idea what she was screaming at him, and he was just trying to do as she said.

Eventually little Trey got it. He quit focusing on the awesomness of the parade and all the colors and noise and only focused on candy and filling his hat with it. His mom was finally happy.

We humans, I tell you. Nothing like a parade to bring out that greed monster.

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