Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not what I'd planned..............

I want to share 314 out of focus, fuzzy photos from our day yesterday, but first I have to deal with some crazy stuff that is going on.

I just read an article that said all PE positions in our school system are up for elimination as well as 2 teaching jobs at our elementary. Over the past 5 years, I have learned to entrust my children to these individuals as part of 'the team'. They have been helping me to mold and grow these sweet little beings, and these teachers and staff have become like part of our family. And it saddens me that 3 of them, possibly more, will loose their jobs this year. Not because they suck at their jobs, not because what they teach is stupid, not because they are retiring- it's just to save money and that makes me sad.

But more than that- I am just plain mad. Mad at us as a society! How could our schools have gotten into so much trouble that now we are eliminating necessary staff just to save money and fit the budget. Trust me, I understand budgets, and I'm sure there is no other way- but it just seems so dag gone sad.

And just to throw it in- good thinking eliminating PE. After all, it's not as if childhood obesity is at its highest EVER or anything. Perhaps instead of wasting all that time learning physical activity, they can just hang out in the cafeteria and eat some more processed foods.

And then, last night at girl scouts we got a flier about a "Family Spring Fling" complete with face painting and an 'egg hung'. They apparently chose to eliminate the word Easter from the event this year so that they could promote it in the school and not offend anyone.

I personally see no reason to change something that is obviously something so that someone, somewhere, won't be offended. Here's the news world- brace yourself- I AM A CHRISTIAN. I celebrate Christmas because it is when Jesus was born, and I celebrate Easter because it is when He was crucified and then rose from the dead. I call them Christmas and Easter- and I don't really care if that offends anyone. It is what it is. I can not change that. If you don't choose to celebrate it, I get it. So don't. Don't come to the EASTER EGG HUNT because chances are it has to do with Jesus. And don't come to my CHRISTMAS PARTY because we will be whooping it up for our boy Jesus.

Hey girl scouts- don't mark us down for your Spring Egg Hunt. We won't be there. My son is allergic to eggs, so it 'offends' me to have to hunt them- in the Spring. And it 'offends' me to not call it an Easter Egg Hunt- because it is one no matter what you call it. I shop for easter eggs, easter dresses and I celebrate easter- at a church- a christian church. Go figure.

Here's the thing I really wonder. Are the groups that we jump through hoops to rename stuff for really happier that we are calling it something different? When you change the name from 'Christmas Party' to 'Holiday Party'- do these people really sigh a big breath of relief? Do they not mind a 'holiday tree'? Will folks really come to the 'Spring Egg Hunt' who wouldn't have come to the 'Easter Egg Hunt'? Is a 'friendship correspondence card' not as offensive as a 'valentine'?

I think not. People are smart- surely they see a 6 foot pine tree with garlands, lights and ornaments decorated for 'the holidays' and know that it is really a Christmas tree in disguise. And they probably know that there really isn't a 'spring bunny' either. Just a guess.

I'm a Christian. Sorry if that pisses you off.


Ronda said...

I'm with you on the school thing and the Christmas thing, but I'm ready to do away with Easter egg hunts all together. As much as I've tried, I can not find that part of the story in the Bible. And no matter how hard I try to tell the Easter story to my kids, they hear "Easter", think bunny, and think chocolate. And then the focus for the whole season is lost on them.

Sharon said...

First I'll respond to Ronda --- no, you won't find a reference to Easter eggs in the bible ... the egg thing came along a little later -- eggs have been a symbol of eternal life for a few hundred years, however, and when the Victorians came along with all their excesses, they began the practice of using them during the Easter season to signify the eternal life promised by the crucifixion. In fact, I don't know if they even had chickens or foul that they ate in the middle east during Jesus' time for the only birds I remember being referenced in the bible is the Dove in Noah's time. Good question for Pastor Bev. So much for Easter Eggs.

Now Mynde, YOU GO GIRL!! You are your mother's daughter for sure -- I'm right in there with you on Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Trees etc etc. Our rights as we know them are being graciously given up by the majority who are too well mannered to stand up and be heard for fear of 'offending' someone in the minority who is louder and more offensive than we. Perhaps WE need to contact the ACLU and have them work on OUR rights also which are being stripped away by the few -- where's my free speech at??

You know, I had the BEST comment here and when I went to publish it, it disappeared so I am stuck with this more bland one....I hate that.

At any rate, what I can do and what YOU can do right now as we go about out daily lives, is to continue to say EASTER EGG HUNT and CHRISTMAS TREES and MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY EASTER etc etc and smile. Me, they will just look at like the old broad that I am -- you, honey, they'll probably throw in jail. LOL.

Love you.........Mom

Mynde said...

I understand that technically 'the bunny' and hunting eggs has nothing to do with Jesus- but I'm one for the fun stuff too I guess. And we do do this at Easter. I just wish we could use words like Easter, Christmas, Jesus, God and Faith without feeling like we did something wrong. That's all.

Technically I believe the egg thing was a pagan practice- we kind of adapted it to represent the whole life thing mom was talking about and pulled it into our Christian circles.

Besides- who doesn't love a cadbury egg once a year?