Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet me in St. Leuy..............

Louisville that is.

I am blessed with a great group of friends, most of whom all I either attend church with or met at church in some fashion. And every year as many of us who can make it head out of town together. This was our weekend.
I wasn't able to get a group shot of everyone this year- but here is everyones behinds. Somehow it seemed so cool to see everyone walking down the street chit chatting- what can I say.
We spent some time walking around looking at really old houses in downtown Louisville. Tour Guide Vicki read us interesting information about them. Two of the gals own really nice cameras and they totally know how to use them. I have to wonder what on earth Terri was photographing as she laid across these steps. I just basically was along for the ride- snapping pictures haphazardly here and there. Chatting up a storm.

This was such an awesome awesome tree. Looks like it has spirits or something. I almost broke out into my rendition of Pocahontas- but thought better of that decision.
Our hotel was down the block from The Love Boutique- which even offers peep shows. I didn't know places like this were really around. I'm very cultural, so I wanted to share this. Even if no one would pose in front of the sign.

We ate dinner at a very upscale restaurant. We all wore jeans and were completely out of place. But the laughter at our table made up for it and we really enjoyed our entirely overpriced pasta.

Then we went to see a play. Like a real live play. With actors from New York. Who were in Broadway productions.

And we laughed, talked, shared, and enjoyed. And we all had a few drinks. And then I polished of a margarita the size of my head and giggled the whole way home. Classy.
And I am grateful to have these ladies in my life. And I am grateful to have the other ladies in my life who couldn't come with us. But mostly, I was grateful for the time to sneak away, and have these people to come home to...................
(envision a picture of Dan- I forgot to snap his picture- but I was still glad to come home to him)


mary said...

i would have gladly posed in front of the love boutique- there can never be too much love in the world, right?

Anonymous said...

That tree did remind me of Grandma Willow! Glad all you girls had fun!!!!

Ronda said...

I'll get you the group picture soon. I haven't even uploaded my pictures yet...I'm such a slacker!

Your pictures turned out great, by the way!!