Friday, October 31, 2008

Something Wicked!

So- this last weekend I got the opportunity to spend a few hours with a friend. She is amazing with whipped lard- like a genious with a pastry bag I tell ya. She makes the most beautiful cakes and cookies- and does it in like 2 1/2 seconds like its these little sweeties. She carved them out of some exotic sugary something and then used them to decorate the coolest halloween cake. I should show a picture, but we ate it. These little pumpkins are all that's left. I can't bear the thought to throw them away- so they are just sitting on my kitchen counter.
She also buys her frosting by the bucket. She's my hero.
I somehow got her roped into donating 100 cupcakes to a childrens center. And amazingly enough- she is still my friend. And the best part- she asked if I could come and help her. She needed my help. My help. Be still my heart.
She has seen my talent, she knows I too could be a wizard with frosting : ) I was excited.
Turns out, she just wanted company. I wasn't really permitted to touch anything important, and my creative input was, well, not needed. After all, anyone who has carving tools for frosting wouldn't really gain much from me. Crushed ego aside, I still LOVED hanging out.
But here's the thing. It took like 3 hours to bake 100+ cupcakes. I lost count on the total, but it was ALOT. She was not overwhelmed- I was floored. Cupcakes were everywhere. And after hours of baking, I was worried about getting them all decorated.
Once cooled- she loaded her gun, um I mean icing bag, and in like 4.5 minutes they were all decorated. Pow, Pow, Pow! And not just smeared frosting around- pretty little pumpkins on top of a white swirly google.
And then it happened- I got to make the swirly curlies on the pumpkins. Yup- she gave me the green frosting bag and off I went. I am not the swirly curliest decorator on the planet. And some of them actually looked right. I was so proud- and she was too.
I wish I would have snapped a picture of all those cupcakes before I dropped them off. My swirls would have taken your breath away. And the sprinkles- oooh la la!
So yesterday- feeling all inspired I whipped up a couple dozen cupcakes myself. Armed with a magazine full of ideas, a couple things swiped from various websites and four colors of icing- off I went. And here is what happened:
I am not her, and I never will be. And she is laughing at me right now, I can hear her. But this is as good as it gets here- and I was pleased to offer them to my family. (They are one eyed purple people eaters people- quit wondering).
I did discover though, that this little gem works WONDERS when decorating cakes. I'm just kidding. But it does make you wonder why on earth I came acrossed it in the kitchen?

So what this all boils down to is that my friend has got it and I don't. But- look what I do have:

Eat your heart out Rebecca! It must keep you up at night knowing one of your alphabet letters is missing. Everyone can not be as good as me : )

Happy trick or treating!


Ronda said...

Well, check you out! Cupcakes AND the alphabet.

I, myself, feeling all Betty Crockerish made Pioneer Woman's cake balls. I'd take a picture, but, uh, no. They're too good to stop and take pictures. I'll just keep eating them.

Hope your Halloween was wonderful.

Rebecca said...

All I have to say is "Show Off" A girl makes a few cute swirrley whirrley's and the world is her oyster.
No where in this post is the Chic Brocolli Ziti OR the Lemon Drop Martini's mention. I was working under the influence.