Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decision 2008

In an effort to help the kids understand all of the election hub-ub, we are having a mock election in our home.We have two very excited candidates- and so far no mud slinging at all (nice for a change!) There are 5 topics, each of them very important to our family, and we've had our first 'official' debate. And also in this picture is my 'official' laundry basket, nice.

The topics are:
1. The choice of what will be prepared for dinner one evening
2. The choice of where to sit one Sunday at church
3. The choice of restaurant for lunch out that Sunday after church
4. What game to play for family game night
5. The choice of what movie to see next time we go to the theater

Technically, we should vote for presidents instead of topics, but I want them both to get to experience the victory. So we will vote on each individual topic. They will be president of that item, I suppose. (Yes- I'm one of 'those' moms, who likes everyone to be a winner- stop it.)
Presidential candidate Allyson distributed these nice favors- hoping to swing our votes. I think it may have worked for Sam, he got a candy bracelet in his bag.
That is, until the other candidate passed out her vote buys, oh- I mean gifts. I got a fabulous piggy bank, Sam a digital camera and Dan lucked out with a bridal bouquet. Yep, some super serious campaigning going on that night. Amazing how they instantly went to buying votes, isn't it? Then for their speeches. Allyson took a firm stand on all five topics. She presented only the facts, straight forward and very serious.
"And if you vote for me, we will have lunch at Chucke Cheeses, where a kid can be a kid. They have pizza and breadsticks, and lots of fun games and stuff to do. And we'll get each play for five hours."

And, as is important with any campaign, the candidates took a moment to meet with their constituents. Allyson took the opportunity to talk with 'Sam the Truck Driver' and offer him a fancy hand stamp.
He seems thrilled, and since this is actually super duper ink- it will remain a constant reminder for Sam long until the election is over. But I'm not sure it will sway his vote from Chucke Cheese- Emily's probably going to get his support on that one.
I should have set guidelines, like 'no chucke cheeses'. Live and learn.
We will have our election on election day. Allyson is antsy for another debate, so we'll have to set one up before Tuesday.
A friend this week (oh- you know who you are :) referred to me as an 'uninformed voter'. Made me think for a moment. I've never really taken a 'firm' stand as far as political parties go. I tend to listen to what everyone has to say and try to make a decision based on that.
Problem with that is that no one is really saying anything, as far as I can tell. They talk and talk and talk, but I never really hear the point of their story. They tell stuff about each other, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what they say about themselves.
I guess she's right, I'm an uninformed voter. And a Libra. So that's even worse. And with my lack of decision making ability, and my compassion to everyone, well I really don't stand a chance. I tend to side with everyone most of the time, you could talk me into just about anything as I have a hard time picking black or white.
Unless I'm in a 'mood'. When my 'mood' strikes- then I am evil and extremely opinionated.
So, watch out next Tuesday, as I am heading to the polls- twice! Better get to praying, I have some serious decisions to make.
One final note- Allyson said she is going to vote for some of Emily's choices. "She's got some pretty cool ideas" she said. How sweet.


Ronda said...

I'm going to vote early this afternoon, and now I have so much more to ponder.

I like how your kids are into bribery. That's not an official part of the democratic process, but neither is torturing the constituents with non-stop politicing for more than two years. The big boys could learn something or two from you guys!

Rebecca said...

I said there are a lot of "un-informed or ill-informed voters" You my dear took it upon yourself(typical you!) to take it personal. I hope unlike many you won't vote for someone because he is cute or has a nice suit.

Rebecca said...

Oh by the way have many of you readers figured out it was me who made the un-informed statement.