Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Kinda Day!

We had the opportunity to spend the day at Kings Island this past Sunday. (Disclosure- read carefully: I have included way too many photos in this post, so if you are not in the mood for lots of blurry off center photos, turn away now. You have been warned)
At one point in the day, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.
I LOVED having the whole day just to let the kids have fun.
No agenda, schedule or plan- just whatever they wanted to do all day long.

Allyson is so good (when they are not fighting) with these little guys. And they ADORE her!
Looking up as we walked in from lunch and seeing this made my heart go pitter pat.

Allyson and Daddy were too cool to ride the Azule Train with us- their loss!
We split apart off and on during the day so that Allyson could ride some of the 'bigger' kid rides. So this is really one of the few photos I got of her. Any rides that Dan or I took her to we got to ride with her- so no pictures.
Fast forward 80 years- can you imagine these two puttering along? Probably still bickering and fussing with each other? My hope would be Sam would no longer reach over and pull her hair or hit her- but who knows. These two crack me up.
Oh, we are in big trouble. This woman with her wiles was mesmerizing my sweet little man. He fell asleep while she was painting his little lion face. But he woke up to 'roar!' at himself in the mirror. Before Dan even got the lady paid, he was asking for a wet wipe because he didn't want the 'tiger on his face' anymore.

Being the good parents that we are, we said no. But he forgot about it, and wore it the rest of the day.
Emily and Allyson are another story- they wanted to leave them on and wear them to school- forever. A trip to the bath at home remedied that!
These two laughed so hard on this ride. They loved it!
Sam called this ride "Little Bills House"- close enough. We got Allyson to ride it with us- and she was thrilled.
After a big day at the amusement park, here we are, tired, sunkissed, painted and ready to head for home. Amazingly enough, Sam was the only one who fell asleep on the drive home.
Just a side note- Paramount no longer owns Kings Island, it's now a Cedar Fair park or something along those lines. So now, when you enter the gates, there is no longer the 'happy kings island' music along the fountains. They now just play rock n roll music from the 70's. Don't get me wrong, I like rock n roll from the 70's- but as we were having the picture taken I realized how much I miss the 'happy' music they used to play.
It was my kind of day. Fun for everyone! I am so grateful that we got to go.


Ronda said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good time!

Ronda said...

I just realized...are those Emmy's new-new glasses? Love 'em!

Rebecca said...

Great! I am so glad you all had a chance to spend a well deserved day at play! Love all the new "gear" even if it is driving you to the poor house. My turn is coming I guess