Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, there they are- my little goblins. It was a great Halloween. The kids enjoyed dressing up, we were blessed with a visit from Grandma (can you imagine- just 1 week after major surgery she's up and out and about????), we got to trick or treat with the Llamas', and the weather was beyond gorgeous. It was a wonderful night!


Ronda said...

Your little goblins look amazing, and your mom looks even better than that! What a good day!

Sharon said...

Just look what you've got to look forward to, Mynde.....I'm just one 'tough old broad' (take a lickin' and keep on tickin') -- I have watched over the years as your ancestors in my genetic line have worn out but have to say have never known one to 'rust out'LOL

I so enjoyed the evening -- especially sitting with Sam on the patio right before you guys left, waiting with him to see Lew 'fly'.....after all, he(the dog) was wearing his batwing costume and Sam was convinced some Halloween magic was going to make that animal become airborne(yeahhh, Sam -- 'when Donkeys Fly'). At any rate, to help with his disapointment I told him that I thought perhaps some friendly and charitable witch might take him for a ride on her broom if she swooped by, after all, that Halloween Magic was good til midnite. He was okay with that.

Thank you for a great evening -- the food was good and laughter was all around.

Love you.......Mom

Sharon said...

By the way -- I didn't see any Llamas(maybe they were in the backyard trying to get Lew airborne).....am I not understanding something here??


Mynde said...

The Llamas family you goofy woman! Shelley and the kids, remember?

Sharon said...

Ohhhhhh!! I don't think I've ever heard their last name....just Shelley & the kids. Sorry everybody---still, it was rather nice to think that there were some Llamas around working magic...I thought maybe Abby-Kadabby had waved her wand really hard!!LOL (got to drink more water -- think I still have some anesthetic residue left in the old brain)