Saturday, October 11, 2008


My children's looks are changing. Evolving I suppose.

Allyson got her ears pierced last night with some of her birthday money. We've had pierced ears before, but after numerous infections that started after the initial 8 week waiting period, she opted to take them out. But now she wanted them again. We'll try it again. But when I look at this picture, I don't notice her new earrings. I notice that her mouth is closed. Covering up her braces. She is embarrassed. So evidently, this is her new smile. Still nice, but different.

Then there is this little booger. She's changed too. Her eyes seem so much bigger, probably due to the very thick glasses. And she has small sores on the sides of her nose where she is adjusting to her new glasses. She is still very happy about her glasses. And her teeth. And she has grown by leaps and bounds over the summer. She's a biggie girl now.

And then of course there is Sam, who has grown like 17 inches overnight apparently. All at once he is all legs, long skinny legs. And, although I have been expecting it, he is growing in his speaking as well. He talks more, and much more clear, and about everything, and all the time. And his imagination is exploding, I love to hear his stories or go on an 'adventure' with him.

Dan has all the kids fishing right now. I should be cleaning and grocery shopping. Instead I watched a taped Grey's Anatomy and am now screwing around on my blog. But when this is finished, I will clean- I promise.

Tonight is our big night. We have a sitter. His sister has a sitter. And we are all taking his parents out to celebrate their anniversary. I'm going on a date with my in laws. I'm not sure, but I don't think we've gone out as adults since we started producing off spring. So it will be an enjoyable evening in an expensive spinning restaurant and then cheap comedy to follow.

Off to the real world. Have a great weekend!

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Ronda said...

Wow, you know, I don't think we've gone out with our parents or inlaws without the kids, either.

No matter how your kids evolve, they're still cute!