Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a camping trip.........

This past Saturday, the men of our church decided to have a camping trip- just them and the kids. Allyson had to be a bit late- so I was one of the lucky ones permitted into 'their' campground so that I could drop her off. As I walked in from the car, this is what I saw. It made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. What a great group of men. What a great day. What a beautiful campfire under the cross of Jesus. This post is a bunch of pictures from their evening, I will try to keep my useless comments to a minimum.

(see those looks- they are saying 'why are you still here?')

Nothing like the feel of the great outdoors, inside! I personally was relieved they were not going to brave the 40degree nights and try to sleep outside.

This is an overview of the entire 'campground'.
And then out to baseball diamond for a little ball!
Their adoring fans.Adam hits a home run!
He's outta there!And sooooo not to proud to score a home run on a bunch of impressionable children. Good one Adam! He probably doesn't let bella win at candy land either!
But it appears he took her with him for his next one!
During the night, Sam began puking in the tent with Dan and 4 other children. At 1am, I got a call to come get him and a garbage bag of pukey sleeping bags and such. Poor guys, my two men had a rough night. But regardless, the rest seemed to have fun and they will 'hopefully' do it again!

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Ronda said...

Great pictures! I wonder how many of the guys will read the blogs tonight??!