Sunday, October 19, 2008

Once Upon a Time....................

Once upon a time, long long ago in 1996 a man and a very young girl became married. She was just like the woman in this picture- only thinner and less tired. And the man was like this man, only with more hair.
They had brand new household things courtesy of family and friends and lots of bridal showers, a home they bought together, and ideas about what the future would hold. They were ready for life as grown married people.
They could have never seen the future. For in just 12 short years, they have moved homes, switched jobs, bought a minivan (and actually like it), said goodbye to many loved ones, born children, scrubbed puke out of carpet and absorbed all of the burdens that 'growing up' tends to shower upon young couples. And all of their brand new things, have become old and used. Much like them : )
And I would never, ever change a single day of it.
Happy Anniversary Dan.
(These are our pictures we took of ourselves. Because we are corny. But as you think about how stupid we look- remember that within 1 hour of these pictures being taken- we were eating dinner, in a restaurant, with real dishes, and martinis. Not a single high chair. And I picked not a single piece of food up off of the floor when we were finished. Don't look too stupid now, do we????)


Sharon said...

Yes, I believe I remember that wedding and that wonderfully handsome young couple rushing off into their future.......was that not the night the squirrel chewed through their wiring on their new house and set the roof on fire??? They should've realized right then and there the road they were choosing to travel but I have to say they were very brave young people (ignorance is such bliss!!) and chose to stick it out for the duration.......and so, they journeyed on through births, deaths, trips to the ER behind the ambulance, vomit, diarrhea, heads stuck in buckets.....all those most embarrassing moments that children know how to hand out at the most inappropriate, downs, 'all-arounds'......and here you both are, still smiling!!!!:)

As I mentioned before, 'ignorance is SUCH bliss!!':) There IS much more to come......boy, you have no idea but you will and it is well worth the ride!!!

I love you guys and am so glad you got a night out, just the two of you. Looks like you were enjoying it...looks like the sparkle is still there!!

Love, Mom

Ronda said...

Awwww, don't you guys look cute and happy and in love! Remember this night well, my friends, on Wednesday when the kids have again sucked the lifeblood out of both of you. On Saturday, you LOVED one another, and you can do so on Wednesday, too!

Happy Anniversary (a bit late).

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on having a normal life Miss Mynde. We have all been "there" with those ups and downs our lives and marriages hand us.
However, am glad you guys got to share a few very very precious moments together as a married couple. You do deserve it ya know.
Life will be right back at you tomorrow, so hang on to Sat till you get your chance to have a night out again.

Rebecca said...

By the way you 2 dorks... You have 2 very normal intelligent friends who would of loved to take your anniversary photo FOR YOU!