Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's just shy of 9am on Halloween morning, and here's Emily already asking if it's time to trick or treat. Yup, gonna be a long day for this little one.This is her 'original' costume- Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street). After we bought this, she declared she wanted to be an ice cream cone. So we have that costume now too. Who knows what she'll be by tonight- we'll just have to wait and see.But whatever it is, I bet she'll be wearing these beauties. Try not to run over any small children as you bolt to you nearest Disney store- are they not too cute! (And yes Ronda- they do have them in Maddies size!)
Did I mention Sam has already hit Emi with his Halloween bucket this morning?
"Who me?"Last night we carved our pumpkins. Everyone gets to pick their 'face' for their pumpkin. And Allyson is actually old enough to do the cutting herself.
Sam just wanted holes poked in his- he did most of it himself with a screwdriver. Just a polkadot pumkin I guess.And here is the one picture we managed to take at last weekends Halloween dinner/party at church. Allyson is the mummy, Sam is a lion and here is Emi as her ice cream cone. The kids had such a good time.
I wonder which of these little ones will date each other in about 10-15 years???? Strawberry shortcake and the ghoul? The princess and the power ranger? The flower and the lion? It will be interesting to wait and see! All I know is I feel blessed to have all of these little people and their parents in our lives!
Happy Halloween! More to come later today, I'm sure!

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Ronda said...

What a great Abby Cadabby!

I thought of you guys the other day. At Sam's Club, they have the mega-pack of princess shoes. Unfortunately (yeah, right) they don't come in Maddie's size. We'll have to wait a few bazillion years for her feet to grow.