Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Fall!

In the Fall, I find it appropriate to put out a candy dish of candy corn and candy pumpkins.
In previous years, I loved to mix peanuts in too. The combination of sweet and salty is so good.

Then Sam came along with his peanut allergy- so we are back to just the candy.
Emily accidentally spilled most of the bag of candy on the floor. I didn't take a picture of that because I was wrestling the dog while she tried to pick them up.

There is not a single piece of candy in our dish that was not arranged into Sam's pumpkin patch or touched the floor.
Yes- he is in mid-sneeze- over the pumpkin patch.
See that middle pumpkin- yes, there is a bite out of it.

It would be a safe assumption that you do not want to partake of the candy in our candy dishes.
Consider yourselves warned.


Ronda said...

That candy is all Sam's! And you wanted to have the kids make cupcakes for the bake sale...

Sharon said...

NOW, you tell me!! I ATE one of those night before last and NOW you tell me they had been everywhere including probably licked by the Dog!!! Oh well, if by now I haven't learned, guess I never will!!!LOL Could explain why I simply couldn't get to moving yesterday morning. Well, not the first time Sam's 'gotten' me:)


Rebecca said...

Ok all I know is
A: You have the patience of a SAINT
B: I will NEVR NEVER NEVER EVER eat candy from your dish.

Rebecca said...

Note to self...DO NOT buy your stuff from the bake sale ;o)~