Thursday, October 16, 2008

That's it!

That's it! I've had it! I quit! I'm done! I'm not doing this anymore!

I'm not sure what is going on, but we are all on edge. Is it the moon, the rain, the barometer, the season, the pending time change, my lurking hormonal rage as I prepare for Aunt Flo's visit (sorry- it is a reality and must be addressed), but whatever it is I can only take a minute more and then I am leaving. Leaving I said.

It is my sincere thought that God makes mothers so exhausted at the end of the day that they contemplate sleeping in their clothes (and shoes) only so that they don't run screaming. Don't judge me. You have all wanted to run screaming. And if you haven't, no need to point it out, I already feel like I'm falling short.

Some days are blissful. And on those days I have got IT going on. Dinner in the crock pot, laundry folded and put away, dog bathed, yard toys in yard toy bin, lid on sandbox, van freshly vacumed, fresh fruit for snacks, perhaps a shower and teeth brushed- GOING ON! But on days that are, well, less than blissful, we have extreme chaos. No doubt it is my fault, but it's like a giant lie- once you are in it is awefully difficult to get out of.

My focus is off. I am trying to finish up various projects this week and I can not focus on much else. That is why my counter is sticky, my garbage disposal needs 'freshening', my laundry is being done on an 'as needed' basis, the lawn is over grown, and my children are bickering!

For a little while, they were tricked into thinking helping with the preparations was 'fun'. Now- not so much. They've taped, blown, colored, and stuck their last sticker! They want full blown mommy entertainment or it's all going to come down.

Meanwhile, there are items to be baked for the church bake sale, pringles cans that need covered in paper for carnival games, clothes that need priced for the 'stuff sale', household items that need organized for the church yardsale, carnival prizes to be bought, balloons to be inflated, games that need set up and signs that desperately need well created artwork for 'said' sales. And it is all going down in the next 48 hours. Time for some serious Mojo.

I am going to slap on some mascara, pop a few pills (prescription drugs and perhaps a midol- get your minds out of the gutter), suck down a last cup of coffee and kick some serious bootie! I unquit. I can do this.

Meanwhile- here is Emily and her 'new' glasses. These are her 'forever pair'. The right ones. The ones we initially selected when they ordered the incorrect ones.
And this is Emily and her new glasses, her 'dora uniform', and a 10 commandment bowling game.
And this is her brother, the one who keeps knocking down her bowling pins everytime she sets them up and turns around to get the ball. He is hiding- because he knows his actions are evil.


Ronda said...

When this week is over, I will again attempt to teach you the fine art of saying "NO". It has yet to kill anyone, and I don't think you will be the first.

By the way, this lesson is best taught at girls' night. Be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Have been following your "blog" for sometime now. It only gets better!! How much you have inherited from your Mom is quite apparent - way with words, sense of humor, and love being Mom/Wife/Do it all person!!
Love you Missy!