Monday, October 6, 2008

What is shock?

My guess would be that it is when you are a gold fish and a small blonde boy pours orange soda in your water.

Now I don't condone this behavior. I had already protected them from flash cards and matchbox cars- but I can't be everywhere people.
I was trying to clean up my mess of a kitchen while getting Ally ready for school, and next thing you know 'bam'- orange fish water.And although I realize time is of the essence and they need to get out of that toxic pool of high fructose corn syrup- I decided to snap a few pictures prior to rescuing them.
But see- we did give them fresh water. As I poured them out of the water pitcher, Allyson was worried that they weren't swimming normally. I explained they were probably in shock. Then she asked what that was. "It's what your fish are in sweetie".
Mornings start in full force around here. There is no 'gently push it into first gear'- these little ones start off running. And if I choose to remain a step behind, well, we end up with orange fish water.
Here's to being quicker than the kids! Have a great day!


Rebecca said...

My comment is at least he didn't puke in the fish bowl.

Ronda said...

The look on Allyson's face is priceless.

At first I thought it was going to be a post about this cool pupkin bowl you bought for yourself. 'Tis the season, you know!

Sharon said...

I'm with Rhonda -- Ali's face says it all. I also notice it is 'breakfast time' and old Sam is hitting the sodas.....I guess that is lucky for the fish, for I think orange juice might've caused some 'skin damage' and you would be sharing the kids' skin cream with the fish:)