Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Surprise- it's just and apple lantern. Mom came down last week and helped Emily carve it. It lived in our bathroom till it's friends the fruit flies came to visit it- then it had to go. Mom always let us carve apple lanterns prior to halloween as kids- it helped to make waiting to carve the pumpkin possible.
Speaking of pumpkins................................

I love the Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. It is why Dan and I choose to get married in October, it is just my absolute best most wonderful time of the whole year. I also think that is why God sent my first child in October. It just keeps getting better.
These are just some various photos from a visit to the pumpkin patch. Really- it's more like a pumpkin yard. Notice no mud or vines. Just pumpkins strategically placed in a field and a haywagon ride to get there. Whatever, it was still fun.
We had to go there and get pumpkins- even though we grew them all summer long. All we had was pumpkin blossoms. Not one single pumpkin tried to grow. What is up with that. Here these people have pumkins mushrooming out of the grass- and my garden is pumkinless.

And off to another subject (this has got to be my worst post EVER- talk about scatterbrained)- October is breast cancer awareness month. Check your boobs ladies. And pray for my mom please. Her surgery this week is weighing on me this morning. Not because I'm not faithful, just because I love her.

Why is it that as women we have to deal with pantyhose, eyelash curlers, fingernail polish, menstruation, underwires AND breast cancer. It's not easy being a girl. Nope- not at all.


Ronda said...

Your mom is definitely in my prayers...as are you.

Sharon said...

Well, I had no idea this was Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- that explains why I keep running into pink displays advertising such......I just thought that it was all catching my eye because I had the diagnosis and to be honest, was beginning to get annoyed with myself, figuring I was focusing on it more than I realized. Boy, am I 'timely' or what!!!? Guess I chose a good month to get this done.......you suppose I'll get to wear pink at the hospital???

Thank you, Mynde -- I love you too. In reality, this old 'fine wine' probably needs a little more 'aging' before she's ready to be bottled and shipped off!LOL