Friday, October 10, 2008

An Optical Illusion............

After much anticipation, and the torture of having to wait a whole week, Emily's spectacles are in. Technically these are not 'her' glasses. They ordered the wrong ones. Hers will be in next week, but they let her wear these home to get used to them. Thank goodness, we've discussed her glasses more this week than the ziplock baggie incident.

She is adjusting to them. I feel like a heel because apparently this poor child was dang near blind and I just now took her to the eye doctor. Live and learn, I just wish I'd of taken her sooner.

Sam is a living terror with them. He LOVES to hear Emi scream. And she does scream whenever he 'wrongs' her. He actually laughs, he thinks it's hysterical. He is really struggling to leave her glasses alone. And I am struggling not to string him up. We'll see who has better self control.

Speaking of self control, we got banned from another Chick-Fil-A play land today. Not really, I mean that would be really bad to actually have a picture of Sam posted by the door, like at the post office, 'Chick Fil A Most Wanted'. None the less, he hit a child. A perfectly groomed, oxford shirt wearing, about the same age child to a perfectly groomed, oxford shirt wearing mom. Funny part was watching her practically hurdle the table to rescue her child, that part always cracks me up. I was on my way, just not quite as quickly. I was in my 'move quick before little man scurries up the tubes to hide from me' walk. By the time we got in there, both boys were playing normally. She caressed her child and began saying 'are you okay' over and over and over. Not me, I just chased my kid up the tubes, drug him out by the ankle and to the car we went. Always hate that 'walk of shame' as I lead my misbehaved little man out to the car.

For the record- as I am sure there needs to be some sort of a record- her kid was hitting and pushing EVERYONE. She didn't see that part. Sam was just pushing 'joe perfect hair' out of his treehouse. I'm sure he used his words first. I'm sure. Even if he didn't, that IS his treehouse- we all know this. He's 2, and he was there first.

On a more serious note- WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Do we really just not leave the house until this passes? I can not wait for this to pass. Please tell me this will pass. This just has to pass.

On the way home, Sam sang me twinkle twinkle little star and I repeated the prayer I have prayed often "Please God, don't let him grow up to be a serial killer".


Ronda said...

I love Emily's specs! Those are too cute, even if they are not hers.

I'm sure the hitting phase will pass with Sam. Remember Emily? It passed with her. Patience, my dear friend. And vodka.

Sharon said...

I love that little face!!! That face will always look good in anything it has on it. Am, however, anxious to see her with her purple ones.

As to Sam, I personally feel that the little kid in the oxford cloth shirt probably got what he asked for and Sam was there to give it to him. Not to worry about serial killers --- a terrorist, maybe -- serial killer?????No way!!

Gotta make a date for those candy apples -- only have this next week......boy, time's flying!!