Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We touched a truck!

Today, as a surprise for Emily and Sam who did not get to go to way cool church camp, we got to go to Touch A Truck. It's a program offered by a local park, and for a nominal fee the kids got to climb in and out of totally cool vehicles.
They had lots of different kinds of construction vehicles, fire trucks, police cars, delivery trucks and buses- all of which they could get in, pretend to drive, honk the horns and look around. Sam was in heaven! And surprisingly, Emily really enjoyed it too!

Here is a picture of Emily signing Mitch Daniels tour RV. Meiyl- her own personal signature! She always gets all of the letters, but they are in a different order every time. I think she also wrote "Mr. Daniels- can you tell me why it is still daylight at 10pm at night?"

This was one of those super giant Hummer limosines- they are in the very back seat and I took a picture through the hatch back.

Beep Beep, coming through!

There was also a police car there, and Sam and Emily took a turn driving it as well as riding in the back. I just couldn't bring myself to take a picture of them in the back seat- but not to worry- if Sam continues down his mischievous path we will probably get to see him there again some day : )

And just because I can- I wanted to put on this picture that I took this morning. Emily snuck into bed with Sam and I couldn't help myself! Notice Emily is in her swim suit- which is all she really wears these days (day and night).

We got a post card from Allyson today- she said she is having fun and has made a lot of new friends. She also said she is looking forward to coming home (yeah!) Tomorrow we will head out early early early to go and get her at 10am. I realized this morning that the summer is going to be over before we know it. The fair is coming up, we've got another girl scout camp real soon, and apparently it is already July (it happened overnight). Our pumpkins better get to growing, it's going to be Halloween quicker than we can plan!

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Rebecca said...

Well it looks like they had a ball at the "touch a tuck "day,I'll bet you super excited Ally is having fun but still misses you!