Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jump in feet first!

Today I will just embrace what it is and jump in feet first. 'What it is' feels like a giant jumbled mess of spaghetti. But that's good- because I like spaghetti. In fact, I think I'll make that for supper, after I jump in it feet first? No- I should make fresh for dinner. Add that to the list.
There must be 28 photos of this car on this chair from this angle on my camera (many thanks to our budding photographer- Miss Emily- you've seen her work before). My question is, what is my middlest trying to tell me. I think it's that I need help, so she's calling in the officials. Her call probably went something like this "Please- come quick, my mom is making grilled cheese (again) for lunch and bub is in time out (again) and I'm out of clean underwear. Mom also mentioned getting rid of all my toys, like she did the crayons, and I think she's serious this time. And my brother filled the register vent with batteries, and I painted my toes purple and got it on the bathroom floor, and my sister's arm is green (and huge) and my dad has fred flintstone feet. Come quick- I heard mention of hamburger helper (again) for dinner and as mom knows I DON'T LIKE THAT".
Proof about the fred flintstone feet- courtesy of our favorite photographer, again. If you look back at photo one, I think Emily has been unluckily blessed with these bad boys. However, on her they look cute and adorable. On Dan- not so much.
And here, I've included this picture only because I was fortunate enough to have it. See that solid piece of heavy, hard wood above her head- it is our staircase. One of the scary kind that is all wood and you can see through the steps, and weird as it is, it sticks out into our living room. Last night- after wranging this crazy bunch all day (including a play date for Allyson mind you) I managed to walk straight into it after working at the air show for 4 hours and getting home after 10pm. Yep, I didn't even slow down- walked right in the garage door and across the living room, then 'bam!' straight into the staircase. I was focused on the #2 flashing on the message machine (after all- they are probably really important exciting messages so I must have been in a hurry- AMVETS might be in the neighborhood or the Idpls Star might want to offer an upgrade- you just never know who's going to call while you're away) that is kept on a table under said staircase, and I suppose I forgot to duck. Instantly I saw stars, felt my teeth rattle, and heard Dan mumble something about 'why did you do that' (just for fun, darling). This morning I have a goose egg right on my forehead- just wonderful! Last night, as I was quietly crying (sobbing) after I plowed into the wooden structure of our home- I began reviewing how much work there is to do at the air show, my un-unloaded dishwasher and un-reloaded dinner dishes, my bedsheets that need washed, that dag gone blue paint for Sam's room, all this crap laying around that I keep thinking I'll sell on ebay, the toys, and the noise and the dust and the mopping, and then it hit me (not the stair case again)- the ottoman is on the deck.

Here he is- future furniture movers of America. (Add to that list above that Sam is dirty and needs a bath and the ottoman apparently does too). He put our ottoman out on the deck. Why, why, why? I'm not sure. But I'm with him- we should just put it all out on the deck- then God will wash it, I don't have to dust it and Sam can go back to being 2 instead of in the furniture moving business.

So back to the rescue call- Emily is obviously very wise as she knew I was in need of help long before I embraced it. So she took these pictures so I would have something to do this morning instead of doing any of the miriad of things I have complained about in this entry.Because that would be stupid, to waste this time I have before the kids awaken doing productive useful things. Instead I chose to type about them- kind of like making a list- so I can focus today (once the world stops spinning from this giant boo boo on my head).Today- Emily's playdate at 10am, 4H office to pick up fair projects (looser mom forgot to pick them up the day after the fair, yeah me!), dinner to a friend, send my entire paycheck to 342 doctors offices who all want $19.23 or $21.55- seriously if my insurance already sent them the huge payments could they not just forget about this 'pocket change'? In the world of $15,000 surgeries, do they really need my measely $20?- back to my list for today- sheets, dishes, ebay (yeah right) and then tonight- ANIMALS AND ALL THAT JAZZ! That is what will keep me going- knowing that in 8 short hours I will have my children all to myself at the Zoo so that we can discuss what animals are pooping where (Sam's new hobby I guess). I seriously can't wait.


Ronda said...

I have no comment. :) Except if you leave another picture of Dan's feet on the blog, I will be forced to call off our friendship!!!

And I want to see a picture of your boo boo.

Hang in there! We all love and appreciate you.

Rebecca said...

I'm with Ronda I wanted to see the big honker on your forehead. I am totally jelous about your evening too. Adam works late and I am cleaning house.