Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wow- that sure is a big bandaid!

All this time it has been Sam that I am afraid of, apparently it is Allyson that is going to keep us hoping! Today she broke her arm. A few years ago, she experienced a 'green stick fracture' break in the same arm- but this time she got it perfected and snapped it all the way through!
Bless her heart, she was such a trooper- and thank goodness they were not busy in the ER and the rushed us right back and within an hour they had us bandaged, painkilled, x-rayed and ready to go. The doctor commented that he was surprised it didn't break both bones- it was really strange looking when we first got there (yuck!)
We went to the park for a get together with our close friends from church to celebrate the birthday of our dear friend Missy Bucket. Who could have anticipated we were walking into a trap, a mysterious shady unsafe park clearly unfit for small children- what was she thinking? I mean, for crying out loud, there were monkey bars and swings and brand new playground equipment- obviously no place for my poor unsuspecting daughter. (wink, wink) All joking aside- we were so super excited to get to spend the day with our friends, the kids especially. I'm not even sure I had sat down my 'pitch in' fruit salad before we were wrangling the kids back to the van. Almost immediately out of the gate, Allyson had jumped down from the rings and fell on her arm. It was pretty crooked looking- I knew it was broken as soon as I turned around.
She's in a temporary cast until we see the Orthopedist on Monday. The bones are still pretty straight- probably no worry about having to set it or anything fancy schmancy, so probably he will just put on her more permenant cast- it just gives Ally a couple of days to try and decide what color they should make it (green or blue- she can't decide).

Seeing her in pain was more pain that I was prepared for. As a mother, it is so difficult to just sit patiently and have no control to help make it better. I was grateful that the hospital rushed around us- I'm not sure I could have sat in the waiting room very long with her hurting like she was. But now- armed with tylenol with codiene- I am back in control and can help with her pain.

Once back in the car with her sights clearly set on Dairy Queen (broken bones=ice cream, obviously she needs the calcium) Sam looks over and says "Wow, that sure is a big bandaid!" How funny are these small people among us? My only regret is not bathing them this morning- I figured tonight after the park we would all wash up, dag gone it! That is sure going to be one stinky arm in 6-8 weeks!
It's probably going to be a hard rest of the summer as we love to swim and play in the water, but at least we made it to the end of July before we broke a bone, right?


Ronda said...

What a trooper! Good thing you had your camera handy :)

Let me know if you want me to watch a couple of kids on Monday.

Rebecca said...

That Rebecca I'll tell you what she cannot be trusted. Next thing you know she'll be trying to take kids to Chuckie Cheese.
You are very lucky you were able to get them in and out like that. I am so sorry you had to miss out on a moment of fun. This is what I get for trying to find a place to have a get together that has a place to keep the kids "occupied" so we can talk like big people.

Rebecca said...

Thank God I forgot the lawn darts.

Sharon said...

I was sure glad this break wasn't in her 'stars' for the morning hours while I had them out at would NEVER have believed it wasn't because of something Grandma had or hadn't doneLOL I couldn't have handled it now -- so sorry it happened but look at all the 'glory' it's going to get her.....a brand new brightly colored blob on her arm which will definitely gain her TONS of attention when she goes back to school soon and she may get out of piano practice for a while -- a kid couldn't ask for anything better than that!!

AND MISS BUCKET!! You forget about those lawn darts!!....scary scary things......switch to horseshoes -- with those they can only get a concussion:)


Mynde said...

Had my camera only because the day was supposed to end with pictures of sweaty kids playing at the park eating gigantic gorgeous cupcakes for Rebecca's birthday- who knew?

However, I do take my blogging responsibility seriously and will learn how to utilize my camera phone so that no opportunity will every be lost again :o)