Friday, July 11, 2008

Glass baby-

Rocko- Emily's glass baby.

Anyone who has met Emily Elizabeth has been in the presence of Rocko at one time or another, whether you realize it or not. To you, this small glass baby might look like a 1970's paperweight- but to her he is two and a half pounds of pure joy.................unless he is dropped on a toe, which has happened. Or unless your two year old brother is chasing you with him, which has also happened. But most typically he is nestled safe in Emily's arms.

Any time this little girl packs a purse, suit case or toy bag- Rocko is in there. She frequently sleeps with him. Rocko went to Niagara Falls on vacation with us. He is a well traveled, very loved glass baby.

We do own toys though. We even own plastic babies- but they do not hold a candle to Rocko. I bet her great grandpa had no idea when he gave it to her that it would become one of her most precious treasures. In fact, I had to wonder what in the heck he was thinking giving a heavy ball of glass to a then 3 year old. But this little bubble of pastel flower filled glass is much more to Emily than I suppose I had even realized, until last week when I heard her in her room wisper to him "Rocko, my little glass baby".

With any hope at all Rocko will survive Sam, and Emily for that matter, and possibly someday return to it's original purpose- a paper weight. But I'm sure he will always remain Rocko- the glass baby.

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Sharon said...

There definitely is a genetic link here somewhere -- I remember a little girl named Mynde (who eventually grew up to have a little girl named Emily) who also had a glass treasure.....also with a name and a friend named 'Crystal' who came to play. It was a glass snowglobe which seemed to be the key to a door thru which only children could go and which held the most wonderful adventures!! I also remember the day it got knocked off the table and broke into a bazillion pieces -- it wasn't the only thing which shattered, for Mynde's little girl-sized heart also broke a little that day. And 'Crystal' never came again to play......sighhhh. Now, to a happier sharing -- yesterday, while I was babysitting Emily & Sam, she and I took old Rocko and tried very hard to go to 'Dragontails Land' (the cartoon where the children hold the little glass ball, say a special verse, and are magically taken to the land where the wonderful pink, blue and purple dragons live and have the most wonderful adventures). Needless to say, we were still sitting in Emmy's bedroom at the end of all our incantations(and we did try a few because everyone knows Grandma's memory isn't what it used to be) so Em and I decided we didn't use the right words and we will try again next time I'm there.

OHHHHH, I so love the magic of childhood and OHHHH, I'm so glad I'm getting to experience it again. Thanks Emmy -- Thanks Mynde.