Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Happy Fourth of July! From our crazy little part of the world to yours!

We are blessed with Dan's parents who are willing to have us anytime that they go camping (probably not- but they always say they are : ) They took their new RV and boat down to Lake Monroe for the weekend and we hitched onto their camping trip! We were supposed to take our tent- but the rain all day Thursday kind of prevented that (dodged a bullet there!) So we spent the day trying to stay out of the mud (except Sam- he was on a mission to get it it) and wait for the world to dry out. Papaw, Dan and Emily headed out on the boat to fish, despite the dreary weather.

The highlight of the weekend for the kids- mamaw and papaw bought a new ladder for the upper bed in the RV for them to use. I'm surprised they didn't wear it out- they were up and down all day long!

Oh, forgot to mention Sam's highlight for the weekend, this little sliding door in the screen door. Open, shut, open, shut, in, out, in, out, open, shut..............

What would the day have been without sparklers? Yes- they scare me to death, and yes, I did hold his little sticky hand the entire time he had that stick of fire. Scare me to death I tell you!
Finally the sun came out to join us on Saturday so onto the lake we went! See that face, the super excited, squeal with delight face on this small blonde boy? He was thrilled to go fast on the boat. I felt a chill run up my back, what if someday this little dare devil wants a motor cycle?

What is it with this family and geese? As soon as these goofballs jumped in the water, here came an entire flock of geese!
Even mamaw joined the lake swimming action. Me, I stayed in the boat with my not-loving-the-swim-in-the-lake son (you saw the picture of him above- yep he pretty much pulled at that life jacket and wimpered the whole time he was in the water).
Allyson said "Hey mom, take a picture of us", just as I did she dunked him! Too funny!

And finally, after an afternoon on the water fishing, swimming, and cruising the lake- Sam could take it no more. Even though we were flying across the water, his little head began to bob and off to dream land he went. I didn't get a picture of it, but Emily crashed as well.
Thanks mamaw and papaw for having us, we are blessed to get to have these kind of weekends!
(sorry this whole entry is all discombubulated- I'm not sure what I'm doing with this whole blog thing and I can't figure out how to fix it!)

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