Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi Ho the Der-i-o.......

A camping she will go! That's right, it's official, we drove her- our first born love of my life- 2 hours away and managed to leave her there. I have been told, by multiple people, that she will have the time of her life- the selfish part of me wants her to miss her mommy just a smidge while she's gone.

Church camp, something I personally never got to experience, but I hope will prove to be a fruitful, spiritual experience for the most fabulous 8 year old I know. She was full of excitement, thrilled to be there. I don't worry about her at all, she is so independant, I am sure she will be just fine. She is a beautiful young woman, full of compassion and concern. And energy, lots and lots of energy.

I'm not worried that she won't be fine, I think more than that I am worried that she is getting old enough to do these kinds of things. First church camp, then what- space travel? Just a breath ago it seems like I was building small towers with plastic blocks and watching her toddle all over the living room trying to knock them down. Everyone says "They grow so fast" or "Time goes so fast", I don't believe it is possible to fully comprehend that until you are dropping your newborn- who apparently is now 8- off at church camp.

We are blessed with another little girl from our church who is going to the same camp this week, they were both so excited!
And here are their adoring fans, those brave souls who also endured the long long drive, two times today, in order to see their sisters get dropped of at camp. Sam, mind you, went to kiss Allyson goodbye and pulled on her arm instead saying "Awison, you come with us!" I'm sure he will be thrilled to see her on Wednesday!
Emily thought it was equally cool to be there, and didn't complain a bit that she didn't get to stay (thank goodness!)

To everyone who said it was, it really really is a beautiful place. Very old, lots of history, I'm sure. This picture is odd, but kind of shows the cool atmosphere (Emily took it, among 20 others, while using my camera). Today alone- from 5pm to bedtime- they were going to swim, take a hayride, review rules, have a cook out, and make smores. Lots to do and see, but more importantly to me- biblically based fun the entire time she is there.

So this was it, my final picture that I snapped before we left. We had put her sheets on the bed, checked out the pool, toured the dining hall, made that really cool name tag that she's wearing and watched the kids run around a bit in their down time. I wrapped my arms around her, wanting so desperately to just hold her for a moment, and she could hardly pull free quick enough to get back to playing- heart breaking stuff this parenting thing.

We will make the journey again in 3 days to retrieve her. My mom is good enough to agree to go with us on the return trip- thank goodness! I was worried about how to manage two over traveled preschoolers and two over excited campers on the way home (I might have forgotten to mention to her we are bringing home the other little girl- surprise!)
I'm sure next year she will prefer to go for the entire week- we'll have to see if I, oh- I mean she, is ready for that.

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Rebecca said...

Well I am so glad to see that you did indeed make it through the whole ordeal alive. It will be Wed before you know it.Then you will be glad when Monday comes you'll be more than happy to send her back I'm sure. Love ya,
Miss Bucket