Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spa's closed!

Due to a minor technical difficulty (the top half of our buckeye tree falling during the storm on Tuesday) I'm afraid that the day spa is officially closed. Fortunately that ginormous tree missed my butterfly bush that I planted in the back corner of ther yard, sorry to say the fence was not as lucky.Dan and I spent yesterday afternoon cutting up that bad boy (thank goodness the kids had the forethought to get Dan a chainsaw a few years ago for fathers day) and burning what we could in our burn pit. Then Dan got to try his hand at fence repair- he had to replace the chainlink on both ours and the neighbors fences as well as the posts that go across the top. But today- back to 'normal', just our regular chaos so far.

Yesterday morning we hosted our first ever 'Crazy Critters Crafting Camp'- really it was just a glorified play date with sidewalk paint and beads. Fun none the less.........

Here they are, painting Sam's tractor with sidewalk paint. The kids enjoyed having a few friends over and I enjoyed chit-chatting (as Emily calls it) with their mommies. Sam was kind enough to pee on his sister while they were all here as well as throw sand at one of the little girls (sorry Bella)- that kid! It's no wonder we have to bribe friends to come over with crafting supplies. As we speak he is chasing his sister with a plastic water gun that he is hitting her with while shouting "Love God, Love Neighbors"- I'm not sure he undestands that verse he learned at Vacation Bible School, ya think?

Dropped Allyson off at the bus for Girl Scout Camp this morning- she's spending the night there tonight. I'm sure she'll be fine, can't wait to see her tomorrow!

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