Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A day at the spa.............

That's right, read it and weep. I spent my morning at the spa. Oh, I so needed some time for myself and this was just the thing. It is a place I have visited many, many times- but I had no idea what wonderful services they offered.

First, I got to have a foot soak- followed by a double foot massage. So relaxing I tell you. Then I was asked if I wanted a hand massage as well- of course I replied! Then I got to relax next to the pool.

That was, until the first foot massager pushed the second off of the plastic ladder that they had drug over from the swing set to the pool. Spa day was over.
Here he is, foot massager #2- taking my shoes for a wash in the pool. That's another service they offer at this spa.
And here is the head foot massager and the aforementioned plastic slide in the background. Please note that the 'manager' is out at Girl Scout Day Camp this week- so she was unavailable for photographs.
Another service- your own personal chef. Here is mine preparing the most delicious meal I've had in a while. Truly excellent customer service I tell you. This is by far the best place on the earth, and I can't wait to come back tomorrow (and every day for the rest of my life). Just one of those little hole in the wall places that you are never the same again after visiting : )
I know your are wondering, I can hear you thinking it, you want to email me and ask me............yes, there is a baby bird in that poor house that fell out of our tree over the weekend. You try telling 3 young children not to go near it, everytime I turn around someone is looking in that little hole or shining a flash light in there. Hopefully someday my husband will hang it back up in the tree.
And on another note- Tomi is back! He's hard to see with the mulch- but here is a picture of him. None of us had the courage to pick him up, so we just chased him around the yard with a yellow bucket and a small purple swimming pool trying to corale him. Allyson is going to be so disappointed in us when she gets home.


Ronda said...

You had me going. I know I couldn't hear every word you said on the phone because of the chaos on my end, but I was sure you didn't say "spa". I was about to beat on your door!

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I've been to that Spa and have to admit they do seem to have a personnel problem -- the last time I was there I received a facial which included a very hard pinch on the cheek from Massager #1....judging from their laughter, I think it was intentional and they enjoyed it!!:)