Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She's Home!

Allyson is home, safe and sound. Sounds like she had a wonderful time- lots and lots of swimming, songs, bible stories, a hayride, 2 cookouts and many new friends. She's already mentioned that next year she wants to go for a full week. When we arrived, all of the kids luggage was lined up around the sidewalk- but not Allysons. Nor was she in line at the gift shop with the rest of the kids, where could she be? Upstairs, of course, unable to fit all her stuff back into her suit case! I was happy to be wanted- even if it was just to get it all back in the bag!

These are pictures of the two trees her group got to help plant this week. They were named 'Sarah Bubbles Tree' and 'Merom', I didn't know that you were supposed to name trees? Wouldn't it be cool if these trees last the years and someday Allyson gets to take her kids to show them the trees she got to help plant?

Anywho- I'm glad she's home and relieved that it was such a positive experience!

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