Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Line 'em up!

I can always tell what Sam has been playing with based on the line up of toys. Sam will sit forever and physically line up his toys- matchbox cars, trains, ride on toys in the drive way, or as you can see above- bath tub toys. Whatever it is, he will spend an afternoon putting them in perfect order. I can not help but to smile each time a find a perfect line of precisely arranged toys.
And after smiling- I worry that he is obsessive compusive. I think I am. Or at least I could be if these wee ones (and my 'not anywhere close to being obsessive compulsive' husband) didn't beat it out of me. There was a day (many many moons ago) that I used to like everything in order- perfect order. I could not rest until my home was in order. Now, not so much. Order is something I do from a catalog, or at a restaurant. Not that I don't want order, and sometimes I declare we are going to have order- but it never comes. Oh, to have a perfectly arranged cabinet somewhere in our home. There is simply no longer any order in my home.
Except in the bathtub, apparently.


Ronda said...

That's funny -- didn't Ally do the same thing with her dolls? My kids don't do that. At. All. Order just doesn't register with them.

Rebecca said...

OK here is my idea... Put Sam to work in YOUR cabinets. Then he gets order and you get neat cabinets.Perfect trade. Now if you could teach the kid to wash windows.