Monday, July 28, 2008

The green eyed monster

We live within seconds of the capital city of our state. Indianapolis has nothing short of the best of everything. The best shops, museums, hotels and of course, medical facilities. Of course, I consider us blessed to have the best of the best right at our finger tips. Families drive for hours to receive treatment at our array of hospitals, and we have them right at our disposal.

So today, when trying to get the appointment with the orthopaedic doctor I was relieved to have such an endless supply of physicians to select from. So I'm sure you will find it no surprise that we ended up in Franklin, IN- yes, almost a full hour from our home! What the heck man, can this day get any better?

It's a bit of a long story- more than I have energy to explain but it starts with my pediatrician being a ginormic horses patootie and ends with us having outpatient surgery at Johnson Memorial Hospital.

Just a simple appointment to put on her cast- what's an hour drive I thought to myself as we headed down there. After all, my tool of a doctor was no help and the ER where we had her treated had already discussed our case with this Franklin doctor. Personally, after meeting him and his staff- I loved the doctor and if we ever break anything else I would definantly consider going to him again. So that part was a bit of a blessing I suppose. Her arm was pretty well straight, just a bit rotated. So he tried to align it in his office. Needless to say, this was anything but pleasant for Allyson- she said it felt like it did when she broke it. He re-xrayed it and although better, it was not perfect. So he began talking about anesthesia and hospitals, and I began panicking. "Where in the heck are we anyway, and how on earth did a family within minutes of anything we want end up two counties away heading to a little bitty hole in the wall hospital?"

But at this point we had bought and paid for it, no turning back now. Long story short (or is it too late for that?) her arm is realigned, she is casted with this giant green mamerjammer, she's done puking and we are home.
And just as Allyson promised, Emily got to be the first to sign her cast.

Funny conversation between Allyson and the Doctor:
Dr.: "What is the last thing you ate"
Allyson: "potato chips"
Dr.: "What about before that, what did you have for breakfast?"
Allyson: "a cupcake"
Me: burying my head in my hands and surrendering my mother of the year award
I promise you all that most days we eat english muffins, oatmeal, cereal, eggs- you know 'normal' breakfast stuff. But not today, of course.

Please, please, please, please, please let tomorrow be just another ordinary, regular day. Because I am about runned out, if you know what I am saying............ Now on to the tricky part, keeping Allyson on bedrest for 3 days (all I can do is hope for rain.)


Rebecca said...

Man that cast is HUGE. I will bring ovet some bungee cords so you can strap her down if need be. Anything for my friends *wink wink

Sharon said...

Honey, I had a thought -- just take that iron skillet that I passed onto you from your Grandma, give her a good WHACK (from behind of course so she doesn't see it coming -- we don't want to traumetize her psyche) and that will take care of she recoups from the concussion, she won't feel like getting out of bed and voile!! -- problem solved. When she comes to and wants to know what happened, just tell her she fell from the weight of the cast and knocked herself out.....goodness, it looks like they added a storage unit in the elbow....(of course, it might require another trip back to the hospital....up to you, of course)

Love ya........Mom