Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sisters Only!

That's what this sign says, Sisters Only! Emily made this sign and taped it to their bedroom door. You can only come in if you have a sister- which fortunately Dan and I both do, and Sam as well for that matter.
Emily loves her sister. She just loves to do whatever it is that Allyson is doing, regardless of what it is. She really looks up to her, there is a love that exists between sisters that is so very evident when I watch Emily and the way she looks at Allyson. When Ally showers any kind of attention on Emily- she just eats it up. And interestingly enough, Allyson seems to really depend on Emily for a lot of company and playmateness as well. Occassionally they want to sleep in the same bed together, Allyson is typically pretty good about letting Emily join in with she and her friends, and Emily wants nothing more than her sisters attention. I can relate- I too was the little sister.
Sure, my sister and I fought- especially when we got a bit older. But now that we are adults, she is such a good friend to me. One of the best kinds, the kind that won't come or go, fade in or out, regardless of time or circumstances we are sisters and I love her with all my heart.
Through marriages I have also been blessed with two Sister in Laws. Both equally wonderful and some of my closest and dearest friends. God is pretty awesome as he continues to bless us throughout our lives with people that make our lives complete. I'll be interested to see what kind of woman Sam brings into this crazy bunch some day- but I can tell you right now, I doubt she'll be good enough for him : )
I am glad for Emily and Allyson, they have a gift that they probably won't realize for many years to come- each other. Not sure where Sam fits in there, I suppose he'll have to stop chasing them with sticks and peeing on them in order to find his spot in that love circle.


Sharon said...

How hilarious that you, my pig-collecting baby girl, would sprout a child that puts pig noses on everything....once again, those old genetics racing through the bloodline!! I LOVE her picture -- especially how they are cheek-to-cheek, kind of blending into each other.

And, as to the sister-fights, I so well remember that.......yours and your sisters occurred in the teen years over use of the bathroom in the morning and your Dad's erroneous belief that if he went in there, he could put an end to it. If I remember correctly, one day after many attempts, he finally came back to our table for his morning coffee and said 'I give up'...only time I ever saw him give up on anything:) -- earlier on, of course, it was your fear of vampires and her use of garlic powder sprinkled on you(to keep them away of course) when it was bedtime. Yes, you were a very innovative, fun group.

As to Sam's future mate, it will be fun to see, but I bet that apple won't fall too far from your tree.


Rebecca said...

OK so on this post .I can't relate. I do know however that Whomever Sam brings home you will love as long as it's a girl from Zion :o)

Ronda said...

Your sister used to sprinkle garlic powder on you?!?! No wonder you like garlic bread so much!