Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Winter is coming. Take the time now- prepare your cold weather accessories.
Sort them, try them on, give them a fresh laundering.
I only have time to do this because every other part of my life is in such perfect order.
That, and the fact that this dag gone sorter thingy has gotten so over loaded that every time I open the closet door it spills out all over the place. That is how it got 'lovingly placed' in the middle of the kitchen floor- and how my Miss Emily stumbled upon it.
Speaking of closets- how on earth can a family of 5 have a coat closet that is absolutely bursting at the seams? Would it not seem logical that it would have, at the most, 10 items hanging in it? (5 coats and 5 jackets- one of each for each person?) And as far as the gloves and hats go- ditto? Apparently we are stock piling winter clothing for something.
I surrender.


Ronda said...

The trick to the empty (NOT clean) hall closet is to put a huge rug right in front of it, blocking the door, rendering it completely useless. Husbands love that.

Rebecca said...

Well I have been cleaning all freaking day and have exactly 2 bathrooms and my room clean. Oh yeah and I made the spare bed. So I can surely relate to the whole "my cup (<---insert closet) runneth over "