Monday, July 21, 2008

The joys of summer........

One of my biggest joys of summer is the county fair. That is even more true now that I have little people who also delight in the thrill of it all. Every year on the first day of the fair there is a parade. Homemade floats, fire trucks, lots of men driving tractors (Sam's idols), kids waiving, candy flying, I love it all! Forgot my camera, so no picture of all that fantasticness, but believe me it was wonderful!

Allyson is in her second year of mini-4H. In fact, this is her last year in mini-4H- next year she will be a full size 4Her. Hard to imagine, she still seems so mini to me. But regardless, on to bigger and better things I suppose.

She entered a project in collections- a beautiful display of her bead necklaces. She has collected so much over the years, most of it being items she has found in my trash can, but this year she picked to display these beauties. (just to the left of her ear there is a dark blue back ground board- that's hers)

And she entered an art project. It is a self portrait that she made at Grandma Larsen's house. She is such an artistic young woman, she loves all the artsy fartsy stuff. I just wish she would put it all away when she's done 'creating'. She was given a blue ribbon on both projects (kind of the norm for mini-4H). She was also supposed to have a 'bloomin veggie' to enter as well as decorated cupcakes- but life got in the way. In fact, we haven't even planted her 'bloomin veggie' yet. 2 projects was enough- 4 was way over the top. Now we know. (top shelf- just under the corner of the crafts sign is her painting- a big tan face with purple and green background)

One of the neighbor girls raised a pig this summer, Wilbert. We got to go visit him Friday night before the fair started at their house. They brought him home in a trailer so he'd be ready to go early the next morning- that was kind of cool for the kids. But not near as cool as having a back stage pass in the pig area in the swine barn! They got to spray him with water and pet him- big stuff! I must say- he was some terrific radiant humble pig (my favorite book as a kid, I couldn't help it).

And my personal favorite part of the fair in addition to that dag gone commercial building that I love to walk through (just in case I ever have a need for a dry basement treatment, 28 yardsticks or realtor I suppose)- the Tri Kappa Home Made Doughnut booth! YUM! I don't have a photograph to show you about them- just thought I would mention it.

The kids are partial to the Farm Bureau milk shakes- probably a close second for me!

So- in addition to all the excitement of the fair last week, my husband had his pesky kidney stone removed. He is now the proud pappa of a beauty the size of the tip of your pinky (I already forgot whatever metric unit they measure it in). Most importantly to us, his adoring fans, he is home and doing well. Thanks to all who lifted him in prayer. Needless to say, there is not a lot of rest around here for a recovering kidney stone patient- but hopefully he will become acclimated to the constant chaos and be able to steal a nap now and then.

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