Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The underground railroad for Dogs

 I'm not sure why, but somehow calling this dog OURS feels like we are doing something wrong.
 She was running our neighborhood loose without a collar or tags, no electronic chip tracking thingy, no ads have been run in any of the newspapers that we have checked, no one has answered our ads, we've hung one seems to be missing this dog.
And yet, here we are over a week later, and although I technically have called off the search and rescue seems like we took someone elses dog and are calling her ours.

How much dog hair do we have to accumulate in our house before I can stop feeling like a dog thief?

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Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel. We've been in the same situation before. I kept warning the kids not to get too attached because someone might come claim their new friend. No one ever did. It sounds like you've done your part. Good luck with your new friend.