Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our family camping trip that was a long time ago.........finally

I never did post any pictures from our family camping trip the end of July.  And since this sorry little blog is the closest thing to a scrap book for my children- I must now include these.
 It was a nice weekend, one that I will treasure as it was nice to spend time with my family and enjoy their company, humor and wit.

 Here is my brother..........eating corn.
 And here is my brother and his wife.............eating corn.
 Here is my sister.........not eating corn.
 And here is my corn.  Dang that was some good corn.  It was on this trip that I discovered a hispanic seasoning called Tajin (I have no idea how it is pronounced......but it is tasty).  If you have a desire for adventure, wander into a mexican grocery and try to find yourself a bottle.  Of course, don't ask anyone unless you speak ACTUAL spanish, because they won't understand you. 
Apparently, speaking slowly in english is not spanish.

Tajin is lime and chili pepper- says it is good for fruits and vegetables.  My preference?  CORN!
Here is Sam roasting a marshmallow..........which is what we ate in addition to corn.  His Aunts, sisters and cousins were playing yahtzee and he took it upon himself to make them all s'mores.  He would slap a marshmallow on the stick, roast it for like 3.5 seconds and pop that cold marshmallow onto a cracker with chocolate and deliver it to them.  And they would argue over who had got to eat it.  Because NOTHING is better than an ice cold s'more.  Well, other than a nice toasty warm melting s'more.  But those were no where to be found.

He never did get to eat his own s'more that night- he said the 'bingo' people said he had to feed them first and 'man they are some hungry people who just LOVE his smores'. 

I will forever refer to my family as 'the bingo people'.

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Anonymous said...

That corn does look good! I love family camping trips. We camped a little south of Yellowstone National Park this year in a beautiful place called Island Park. The kids are already looking forward to next summer's camping trips. I'm glad you had fun on yours. Have a great week!